Moving about on holiday?

How about getting some physical exercise and seeing local sights and other places of interest at the same time?

On the move in Levi

Relax and save fuel at the same time! Drive economically, avoid unnecessary quick braking and acceleration.

Everything is within walking distance in the centre of Levi. By taking your time, you will be able to see more sights of interest at your holiday destination.

A Ski Bus runs in Levi during the winter. Cycling is a comfortable way to move about during the summer.

Litter in the street is not pretty sight. Cigarette butts and chewing gum should also be placed in waste containers.

When trying out a new activity, it is probably worthwhile renting the equipment instead of purchasing it. Thus, you will be able to try out many activities cheaply.

Try moving about the nature using muscle energy: hiking, canoeing, rowing, cycling, skiing, skating, riding, in snow shoes… memorable experiences are certain!

The nature of Lapland is sensitive, the use of land promotes erosion and damages vegetation. Nature does not erode needlessly when you stay on the marked routes.

It is pleasant to arrive at a litter-free rest location and leave it neat for those people who will follow you. Litter left behind in the countryside is also harmful to animals.

Leave no trace! When you move through nature with respect, you leave behind only a positive footprint.

Tip: Levi is close to nature – the trails pass by close to the very centre of Levi. The Peak Trail of Levi (Huippupolku in Finnish) is also accessible to wheelchairs and prams.


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