While on holiday, you can also have an influence on how much and what type of waste you produce. 

The first tip is to reduce the amount of waste and the second tips is to recycle.

Reduce waste and recycle

Food tastes better from real dishes, therefore avoid disposable dishes.

Reduce the amount of food waste produced at your lodgings and restaurants – when dining at buffets, only take as much food as you can eat.

Buy goods, not just packages. Avoid products that have been overpacked and politely refuse unnecessary plastic bags.

When you leave on a trip, pack your lunch in durable, reusable containers or bags.

Remember the many waste collection points in the Levi region. Take a look at the map and check which Eco-points are located on your trips. Paper, glass and metal can all be put to proper use.

Put waste in the correct waste container. Please do not place any inappropriate containers wherever possible – in restaurants, hotels and cabins. At rest areas on routes, organic waste can be left in composting toilets.

Clean papers and cardboard can be burned in campfires, but do not place other waste in the fires.

Batteries are to be placed in the battery collection boxes in shops, old or excess medical drugs and broken mercury thermometers can be taken to pharmacies.

TIP: In Finland, when you return empty bottles and cans back to shops, you get back a deposit included in their price. You can also leave bottles at collection points within the cabin areas and support local youth activities.


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