The tap water of Levi is clean ground water and clearly one of the best in the world!

Surely, Finland doesn’t have a shortage of water! Perhaps not, but wasted eater has often been heated, and has thus consumed energy. Runoff water has been chemically treated in vain at a water treatment plant. Therefore, it is worthwhile also conserving water!

Watery tips

A short refreshing shower saves hundreds of litres of water when compared to a bath or even a long shower. Stop the shower when you are applying soap or shampoo.

Fill your trekking bottle with fresh tap water.

Cool your drinking water in the refridgerator, thus long periods of running water can be avoided.

When washing dishes or laundry, wash with full loads and use environmentally friendly detergents. It is worthwhile using the shorter, colder water washing and eco-programs of the washing machines.

At hotels, use towels and bed sheets for several days. This conserves water and reduces the amount of detergent that is released into the nature.

TIP: You can indulge in longer water games in spa pools, in addition to swimming beaches in the summer!


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