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Maiju Laurila - Paralympic skier

Maiju Laurila - Paralympic skier

Maiju Laurila is an LW12 skier, which is one of the sit skiing sport classes defined by the International Paralympic Committee. Maiju has been skiing since 2009, when she fell in love with alpine skiing at her first skiing camp in Himos Ski Resort. 

Casing bigger slopes and a longer training season, Maiju moved from Lappeenranta to Lapland.  She is a familiar sight in the training track on the slopes of Levi. In Levi, alpine skiers have their own places to practice as well as their own slope, where Levi World Cup is also organized. 

Maiju has raced successfully in World Para Alpine Skiing -competitions. Her goal is to become a better skier and enjoy the sport. However, the goals for her professional career has also been set. Right now, her main target is on Peking Paralympics 2022. 

A little daughter called Lumi (eng. Snow) keeps Maiju and her husband Teemu busy at their new hometown Levi. 

levi ski resort maiju

BORN 1980, Lappeenranta

LIVES IN Kittilä.

BEST ACHIEVEMENTS Two WAPS silvers and one bronze medal from years 2017 and 2019. 4th place in WC 2020. Also a Finnish Championships winner in para archery.

FAVORITE PLACE IN LEVI The top of Levi, pink sky and home. Cold winter days and the unobstructed scenic route during the summer.

HOBBIES Cycling, paddling, listening to books and outdoor activities with a dog.

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