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by the fire

Huts and lean-to-shelters in Levi

Warm up by the open fire

Campfire places around Levi offer you a chance to go enjoy the open fire and warm up after spending time outdoors. Before making a fire, remember to check local media, tourist information, or online at to ensure there are no grass or forest fire warnings.

Also act sustainably when being in nature - respect nature, don't change it. Bring everything back with you from nature - do not leave anything behind you.

Campfire places at the Kätkäfell

  • Korkeaniemi lean-to-shelter with windows near the walking trail of Kätkä (own snacks and drinks - wood provided)

  • Merkkinen lean-to-shelter on the on the north side of Kätkä-Pyhä trail (own snacks and drinks - wood provided)

  • Lean-to-shelter on top of Kätkä-fell (no winter maintenance), along the Rykimäpolku-trail

  • Kätkä lean-to-shelter (Kätkänlaavu) on the South side of Kätkä fell

In the spring the huts serve the cross-country skiers, check the opening hours from here.

Cafés by walking and biking routes

  • Draivi (at the golf course)

  • Paviljonki (at the golf course)

  • Palovartija (at the top, note: open when the lift Gondoli 2000 runs)

  • Riihi café (by lake Immeljärvi)

  • Sammuntupa (direction Taalo)

  • Tuikku (next to the top, accessible also by car)

Cafés on cross-country skiing tracks

  • Aakenuspirtti (Aakenus circle)

  • Draivi (Levi circle)

  • Kätkän laavu (Kätkä-Pyhä circle)

  • Kätkäjärven laavu (Kätkä-Pyhä cirle)

  • Marja-Leena (Köngäs-Rautuskylä circle)

  • Rauduskylän kahvila (Köngäs-Rautuskylä circle)

  • Riihi (Kätkä-Pyhä circle)

  • Sivakka (Levi circle)

  • Sammuntupa (Levi circle)

  • Tonttula (Köngäs-Rautuskylä circle)

Campfire places at the Levi slope areas

Note! Campfire places at the Levi slope areas are closed during summer, except for the Huipunkota and outdoor fireplace along the huippupolku-trail.


In the Kid's Land on the Front Slopes you will find a hut and a fire place next to the bottom of the ski lift.


On the Western Slopes you will find many popular huts: The Huippu hut in the middle of the West slopes, Himmelriikki hut in the middle of slope 13.1, and Lammaskuru hut at the lower station of lift number 12 in Lammaskuru.


On the South slopes, you will find a fire place in Leevilandia (at the top of the carpet lift), next to which there is also a homely fireplace for frying sausages. In addition, from the lower part of the 8.4 slope, there is a hut above the slope restaurant Sivakka. Fireplaces have been added to the South Slopes and can be found at the end of the South Slopes car park.


You can find a fireplace on the southeast slopes at the base station of the 7B lift.


Fireplaces on the northeast slopes can be found by lift 6 and lift 5, both of which have an atmospheric hut.

Leave no trace

Take care of our fells and put all your rubbish in the trash. There are garbage bins near each campfire place and in total there are more than 30 garbage bins around the Levi fell into which burnable waste, bottles and cans, and plastic rubbish can be sorted.

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