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Maps for your summer and autumn adventures

You are welcome to explore the versatile routes of Levi for every kind of sports enthusiast.

You can find electronic maps to hiking and biking routes in Levi from Outdoor Active-route service, and from Infogis-service.
Even if you're using the electronic map-services, we recommend you to buy a paper map, just in case the phone dies because of the low battery. Paper maps you can buy from Levi Tourist Information at Myllyjoentie 2.

Electronic map service

Levi is a rewarding place for outdoor activities and shows the beauty of  Lappish landscape. Now you may plan your daily running, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing tours with your tablet or smart phone using Levi Track Service. When you take your phone along, the electric map follows you where ever you go.

Check out the trails

Ice-Age trail at Levi

Peak trail in Levi

Päiviö´s Path - the Trail of the Great Shaman

Hiking route around Levi - Life of the Past Trail

Rykimäpolku trail, Kätkätunturi fell