More than 170 businesses work in partnership with Visit Levi. We all want to do everything we can to make it safe for everyone in Levi, both now and for the future. 

We have compiled guidelines to help you holiday responsibly in Levi. We also advise you of the measures businesses in the area have put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are easy for everyone to implement. This is how we take care of each other. 

- Only come to Levi if you are healthy (feeling well)
- Avoid crowds indoors
- Remember to practice good hand and cough hygiene practices
- Dispose of used handkerchiefs/tissues and disposable protective masks
- Book all your services in advance online (if possible)
- Use contactless payment options (where possible)
- Avoid evening nights out where you are not able to social distance and wear a mask
- Act responsibly, follow the rules provided and the instructions given by staff

Please wear a mask in Levi, we want to stay healthy to continue providing services for you!

We recommend downloading the Koronavilkku app (a COVID-19 digital tracing app). 

Kittilä’s municipality's coronavirus (COVID-19) information here. The Kittilä municipality advises everyone moving in the area to use face masks and behave responsibly. 

Instructions and other information for residents, tourists, and businesses can be found on the COVID-19 Safe Lapland website.

Measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Takeaway food can be ordered from local restaurants and cafés:  View opening hours here

The customer service staff wear a mask while they work or serve behind a protective screen. Guests are also advised to use face masks in the restaurant if moving around somewhere else other than being at their own table with their group. 
Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance, and there is a place to wash your hands at the restaurant. 
Utensils are replaced more frequently, and surfaces are disinfected in buffet dining areas.  
Restaurants have streamlined cleaning and reduced the number of customer seating available.


The customer service staff wear a mask while they work or serve behind a protective screen. 
There are hand washing and sanitising points in shops. 
Customers are recommended to use face masks in stores and are instructed to do social distancing.
It is possible to order products from grocery stores online and pick them up from the store (click and collect). 
Transactions for people in high-risk groups are possible during special opening hours, please check with the store. 
Delivery or customer service outside can be arranged with souvenir and sportswear stores. 

View opening hours here

Equipment rental
Rental equipment is sanitised after each user. 
It is also possible to order rental equipment delivered to the cottage where you’re staying. 
Rental clothing is sanitised, ozonated or otherwise treated to prevent the virus from getting into the clothing. 
Rental clothes can also be delivered to the apartment where you’re staying.

Levi-Kittilä’s taxi driver’s wear face masks 
Taxi internal surfaces are sanitised. 
Hand sanitiser is available for customers. 

Other transportation
The driver is wearing a face mask.
Surfaces are sanitised after each group.
Customers hands are not shaken and kept as far apart from each other as possible at a safe distance.
Hand sanitiser is available for customers.

Activity programmes
Activity programmes are organised in smaller groups.
There is also the possibility to book activity programmes exclusively for your group.
Guides wear masks indoors.
Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities are provided.
Equipment used is disinfected after each group.
Only one group is allowed in the locker rooms at any one time.
Customers are kept at a safe distance whenever possible.
The premises are sanitised after groups (finish their activity programme).

Book your activity programmes in advance here


Levi Ski Resort instructs customers to do the following:

Please only come to the slopes if you are healthy (feeling well).
Please wear mask indoors.
Remember to practice good hand and cough hygiene practices. 
Please put used handkerchiefs/tissues and disposable protective face masks in the rubbish bin.
Book all your tickets in advance online (if possible).
Use contactless payment options (where possible). 
Take note of social distancing practices. If you cannot social distance, please wear a protective face mask.
Please remember to social distance in elevators.
Only take the anchor lift with members of your group or by yourself.
If you are not going in a chairlift with a member of your group, remember to social distance (leaving one empty seat between you) or wear a protective face mask.
Please use a protective face mask when going on the gondola lift or only go on the gondola lift with a member of the same group (if not wearing a mask).
Download the Koronavilkku app (a COVID-19 digital tracing app) on your phone.
Behave responsibly, follow the slope rules and the instructions given by the staff.

Levi Ski Centre has put the following measures in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

The frequency of cleaning has been increased, and contact surfaces are sanitised more often.
Rental equipment is sanitised after use.
The aim is to avoid close contact and increase the utilisation of equipment in the ski school training. The use of face masks is recommended during close contact with others. Classroom meeting places are located outdoors.
Customer service staff use face masks or visors indoors when dealing with customers or serve behind a protective screen. 

The ski resort's restaurants have increased the frequency of sanitation, and staff wear masks. 

Lift tickets can also be purchased online here

Cleaning contact surfaces (door handles, tables, stairs, toilets) have increased in frequency and sanitising cleaners have been introduced (this has been used in many places).
The keys to apartments are collected with as little contact as possible, such as in key boxes (if possible). 
Social distancing is maintained at the hotel reception. Customer service staff wear face masks and/or are behind a protective screen. 
Paper hand towels or a hygienic towel roll are used in public toilets. 

We also hope that our customers follow the general recommendations and guidelines when visiting Levi.


If you think you have caught/been exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19) while in Levi, contact the Kittilän Kunta, Terveyskeskus (Kittilä Municipality Health Centre) on the emergency number: 0400 356 498. Taking the test is recommended, even if you have mild flu and/or an upset stomach. Do not spread the potential virus by visiting a health centre, but wait and follow the instructions given to you over the phone.

Kittilä Municipality coronavirus (COVID-19) instructions and news releases:

Current information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Finland

Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos (National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland)


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