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Child care services

Children to day care - adults to the slopes?

You can find day care places for children from Leevilandia's Tenavatokka located at the south slopes and from Lastenmaa's Muksutupa which is located at the Front slopes in Levi.

Child Care to your apartment can be ordered from MLL Child Care MLL Child Care Booking
by phone or via internet. Booking on the phone during week day and from 8.00-13.00 (Finnish time): tel +358 40 772 5078.

When booking via internet you need to register on the box on the right clicking on the link “Rekisteröidy nettipalvelun uudeksi käyttäjäksi”. Once entered, the registration form is available also in English. You only need to register all your details once. The following times you only need to insert your choosen user’s name and password at the following address. Register as a new user in web https://lapinpiiri.mll.fi/lastenhoitoapu/hoitajan-tilaaminen/ and make an order.
It is also possible to hire babies travel accessories by calling +358 40 9646 749