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Learn more about the classification of accommodation and price seasons.

Classification of accommodation

Q1 Modest, simple, often supplied only with basic requirements. Suitable for those looking for affordable vacation.
Q2 Mid-range equipment, the decoration is modest.
Q3 Average. The facilities and interior design are reasonable.
Q4 Above average. A good level of equipment and attention to the interior design.
Q5 High standard. Very good level of equipment. Textiles, electronics equipment and furniture of high quality.


Unless otherwise mentioned each accommodation is supplied with:

  • basic facilities: electric heating, hot/cold water, toilet, toilet paper (2 rll/wc), electric sauna and washing facilities as well as cooking facilities and tableware, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher, bedding (pillows and blankets), iron, plug connector pole (to warm up the car in winter) and firewood (unless otherwise stated)
  • any additional equipment is specifically mentioned in the accommodation description.
  • we cannot guarantee the accommodation rented being allergy-free

Through us you can rent nearly 900 holiday accommodation in different areas of Levi. The holiday accommodation is available to the guest from 17:00 on arrival day until 11:00 on departure day. Smoking in the holiday accommodation is not allowed!

The accommodation prices do not include bed linen and towels nor departure cleaning unless otherwise mentioned. It is however recommended that the client books the departure cleaning.

On request, full service including cleaning, bed linen, catering and other services that you may wish for are available to your accommodation. 

We reserve the right to change our prices.Visit Levi does not take responsibility for any printing errors.

Accommodation price seasons


week   1/2021-2024
weeks 51-52/2021-2022
week   52/2023
weeks 8-15/2023, 2024
weeks 8-16/2022

week  46/2021-2023
weeks 2,7/2021-2024
week 16/2023, 2024


weeks 17-18/2022 - 2024
weeks 35-39/2021 - 2023
weeks 44-45/2021-2023 
weeks 47-50 2021 - 2022
weeks 47-51/2023
weeks 03-06/2022 - 2024


weeks 19-34/2021 - 2024
weeks 40-43/2021 - 2023

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