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Break the routines of your body and mind. Speed wakes up the butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

Ice particles fly onto your face, your visual field narrows down to a streak, your muscles find a new rhythm. Each new terrain opens up a new possibility. A curve, a jump, a fast turn. Inside you a warm wave washes over you, reaching all the way down to your fingertips. 

Movement stops just as quickly as it started. The total silence of the vast wilderness is deafening. Up here, speed does not mean you’re in a hurry. There is time to pause. 

All eight seasons of Lapland call you to move on land, water and in the air.


Movement changes you

Memories become a part of your body. Every perfect curve and tensing of muscles leaves a trace, right down to your cells. 

Let go. Your body knows what to do. Your blood runs faster. Your pulse beats in your ears and your breathing quickens. The birches at the edges of your field of vision become mere light streaks. You are in total control of what happens. 

At the bottom of the slope you realize you achieved something new. The endorphin high knocks your socks off. You feel like laughing out loud. This is what happiness feels like.

Rest restores the body and mind

The twitches in your muscles remind you of the most adrenaline-fuelled moments of the day. After exertion comes recovery. Relaxation is critical for both mind and body.  

At high speed, we are all on our own. Afterwards it feels so rewarding to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and relive the best performances of the day with your friends.

At your own pace

Up north there’s time to find your inner rhythm. The peaceful tempo leads you to the forest trails. It takes you to a lake whose sand shimmers in stunning shades of red. The seductiveness of speed invites you to keep exploring new, untouched slopes. The sheer joy of playing in snow tickles your fancy and brightens your eyes. Experiencing the midnight sun or mythical fires dancing across the sky is enough to lift your heart rate and to send your imagination flying further than your eye can see.

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