Arctic aromas

Read time 5 min.

Scents are the true home for memories. Pictures fade, but scents store memories and keep them fresh. 

A cuckoo can be heard in the forest. The morning mist makes the air thick to breathe. The tiny twigs and the leaves of a dwarf birch glisten with dew drops. A moose has come to drink from the lake.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. The scent of the forest is thick and succulent, with notes of soil and crystal-clear freshness, brought in by the wind from the fell streams. Your boot hits a tussock of lingonberries. Your mouth waters before the first berry hits your tongue. 

You return to this moment every time you smell the pungent scent of lingonberry.

Smell the dewy morning air. Your nose is filled with the thick, moist aroma of the forest. It carries a longing for summer.


The age-old fascination of the campfire

The wanderer smells the smoke. The scent promises light, warmth, and shared stories. A campfire transforms strangers into friends. 

The Safety of a fireplace

You can stare into fire forever. It relaxes you and makes you sleepy. Inside the cabin, the light in the fireplace gradually dies down and the old walls whisper stories from times past.


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