The colours of earth and sky

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Colour is light, and light is colour.

Empowering red. Energetic orange. Calming, grounding brown. Soothing shades of blue. Harmonious, hopeful green.

Colours affect the wellbeing of both body and mind. Some even say that they heal. The moods brought on by colours are reflected in our lives and leave traces in our memory and culture.

The changing seasons paint the arctic landscape every colour imaginable, allowing the observer to choose the shades that touch them the most.


Levi’s nature offers endless shades and hues.

Endless inspiration

Nature inspires both locals and visitors alike to appreciate the entire colour spectrum, each in their own way. The abundance of colour has an effect on people, noticeable in all kinds of colourful personas that you may come across in Levi.

The Gákti, the traditional Sami dress, with its vibrant colours is eye-catching. Everything from the style to the colour and the embroidery tells a story about the wearer’s background. It is a vital part of Sami culture going back centuries. When wearing a gákti, a Sami person is not only representing herself, but also her family, her region, and her people.  

The Levi region is home to several interesting galleries and museums hosting works by local artists. The surrounding nature is often the theme.


Reidar Särestöniemi (1925-1981) was the most significant Lappish artist of his time. The colours of nature are front and centre in his large paintings. The gentle red sun of a summer night, the glistening frost in a birch grove, the turquoise glow of the evening, and the soft brown of a bear’s fur.

In Levi, the visitor gets to experience what life is like for a local by trying out their hobbies and exploring customs. Spending time in nature, learning wilderness skills, fishing and hunting, as well as making colourful handicraft items are all inseparable parts of the lifestyle. The locals want to share what they themselves hold close to their hearts.

Up north, you can taste colours by picking berries, foraging mushrooms, collecting herbs, and hunting game. According to the folklore passed on by local elderly people, one must never go in the forest at the end of summer without a couple of buckets - who knows what treasures one might find! Nature is the basis of all life. To locals, it is a way of life.

The majestic colours of the sky

People come to Levi seeking experiences that stay with them forever. Witnessing dancing green fires in the sky can leave you breathless and momentarily pull you into another reality. 

Experiencing the Northern Lights is magical for everybody. One can’t grow tired of them.

Wherever you look, the colours will leave a lasting impression on your memory and your soul.

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