6 x tips for the fell from Leevi the Wolverine

Leevi the Wolverine knows the slopes of the Levi fell like the back of his paw. That’s why we asked Leevi to list his favourites for families with children.


1. Leevilandia

“Located on the South Slopes, Leevilandia is my personal favourite, as you may have guessed from its name. There are two free, covered magic carpet lifts and a poma lift that take you to slopes where it’s easy to practice your first runs down the hill. The slopes have been designed so that once the hill next to the first carpet lift starts to feel too easy, you can move on to the longer carpet lift and then to the poma lift. There's also a track with rollers at the edge of the poma lift slope where you can practice keeping your balance, for example. There’s also a toboggan hill, and you can borrow snow sliders from us.

Leevilandia provides a free programme and activities throughout the season. This winter, we’ve designed the programme so that the whole family can take part. We plan to organize at least a picture scavenger hunt and riddles; you can check out the detailed weekly programme on our website.”

2. Kids’ Land

“Kids’ Land on the Front Slopes is my birthplace, so to me, it’s a place filled with tradition. Kids’ Land has two poma lifts and easy slopes that also provide a bit of a challenge to older beginners. It’s easy to get to Kids’ Land even on foot from the centre of Levi.

Kids’ Land also provides a free programme for the whole family and a great toboggan hill where you can whiz down on snow sliders and sleds with steering wheels. Check out the weekly programme on the website.”

3. Break huts

“The best break huts in the entire fell area can be found in Leevilandia and Kids’ Land. You don’t need to worry about trying to light a fire at either place, because the staff keeps the fire burning throughout the day. You can also bring your own packed snacks and sausages to the hut. The sun shines beautifully on the break hut of Leevilandia, which has a great view of the carpet lifts, if the adults want to enjoy a longer rest than the kids.”

4. Junior South Park and Fun Park

“You should head out to the Junior Park on the South Slopes once you’ve mastered the basics of downhill skiing. The park has ramps, rails and boxes. The number one rule in the park is to keep your eyes open and don’t mess around, but also remember to read the park rules beforehand.

In the upcoming season, a new Fun Park will also be built on the Front Slopes. It will provide exciting new opportunities for children and adults interested in freestyle skiing.”


5. Tenavatokka and Muksutupa

“Muksutupa in Leevilandia and Tenavatokka in Kids’ Land are places where you can safely drop off your kids while the parents ski down more challenging slopes. Our caretakers play with the kids indoors and outdoors so they’ll not get bored. Paid care must be booked in advance, and this season, we can take in no more than four 2–10-year-old kids at a time.”

6.Ski school

“Perhaps the best way to start downhill skiing is to go to a ski school. The Levi ski school provides private and group lessons for both beginners and more advanced skiers. The ski school may just light a spark that will never die down.”

Don't forget these

Levi provides fun activities for the whole family off the slopes too.

  • Visit the Elves’ Experience Village and immerse yourself in the magical world of the elves all year round.
  • Go and admire the reindeer and sled dogs. There are several reindeer and dog farms in the Levi region.
  • Ski, walk, cycle or snowshoe to a lean-to to roast sausages over an open fire.
  • Grab a sled or a snow slider and have fun on a toboggan hill.
  • Enjoy the Levi Hotel Spa and the bubbles of the warm pools.
  • Try out bowling and fall in love with cosmic bowling at Levi Bowling.
  • Choose your favourite from almost one hundred sweet and savoury pancakes sold by Pannukakkutalo pancake restaurant.

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