A touch of wood

Hugging a tree clears your mind filling you with peace. Just ask Riitta Raekallio-Wunderink.

THE FOREST HAS BEEN a magical place for me ever since I was little. In primary school I went to my teacher with my palm closed asking to see what I have. I opened my hand and the teacher asked what it is that I had there. A fairy, I answered.

I don’t literally see fairies anymore but I feel the power of the forest. To me the trees are living beings. I feel we are one, the trees and I. The same life flows through us.

You may want to approach the tree slowly. Their rhythm is slower than ours. You can greet the tree, press your cheek against it, listen, inhale the aroma or touch the surface of the tree: the creases in the bark, the fuzzy usnea.

Trees take different forms. One might remind you of an old man, another a young hippie girl.

I myself get energy from the trees. When I hug a tree, I feel like I am hugging a friend.

DID YOU KNOW? Riitta’s husband Steffan Wunderink is a campfire barista.

Book yourself a visit to the Halipuu forest from the www.levi.fi. Halipuu means hugging a tree.