Creating an amazing experience

“Don’t be hasty when you cook on an open fire”, Jukka Laapotti advices.

OUTSIDE THE SPRING SUN warms the snow and the icy surface of lake Raudusjärvi glistens. There is a kota hut by the lake and inside it Jukka Laapotti grabs a log in one hand and holds a knife in the other.

With a firm grip he whittles feathery shavings. They are called kiehinen and they help get the fire going.

- Old Scout skills, Jukka says with a smile.

Soon you can see the flames in the hearth in the middle of the hut. The fire creates a magic ambience and the logs crackle. Apart from the fire, it’s completely silent.

The reindeer hide keeps your backside warm and soon Jukka is about to boil water and start cooking soup. He hands over a wooden mug with hot berry juice. The aroma of blackcurrant, a mug that keeps your hands warm and a gentle steam on your face – this is the life.

It’s no wonder that the richest people in the world turn often to Jukka when they want to spend quality time in Lapland, moments where every little detail is taken care of.

Jukka and his wife, Riikka Laapotti, have a company called EnjoyLevi that offers high quality VIP service and a variety of different outdoor activities.

They have hosted pop stars and royals. But no matter who the guests are, the Laapotti couple makes sure the clients experience something truly unforgettable.

- An amazing experience is created by feeling, touching, smelling and tasting, Jukka says.

One of their specialties is cooking on an open fire which, in and of itself, is quite an experience.

When you watch someone cook in a kota hut, your senses are filled.

Jukka is actually a cook and has studied also preparing food on an open fire. He is the one to go to when you want to learn how to cook an easy and delicious meal as well as how to create an unforgettable experience.

THERE ARE SEVERAL KOTA HUTS where you can try cooking on an open fire. At the base of the Kätkätunturi fell there is Korkeaniemi lean-to huts that anyone is free to use. Remember to bring matches!


EnjoyLevi's Jukka Laapotti has created a recipe for a quick and easy mouth-watering reindeer soup prepared on an open fire.

You will need:

  • Water
  • Frozen organic potatoes and root vegetables
  • Allspice
  • Salt
  • Bay leaves
  • Cold-smoked reindeer or sautéed reindeer from a shop’s deli counter
  • Chanterelle cream cheese
  • Lingonberries and parsley as a garnish

Boil some water and add in allspice, salt and a couple of bay leaves. Add in the root vege-table mix and stir. Boil until the vegetables are cooked. While the water is boiling, mix some lingonberries and parsley with the chanterelle cream cheese until it becomes a smooth paste. As a final step, add the reindeer meat and let the soup simmer for a while. Serve on a plate and add on top a bit of the cream cheese lingonberry paste. Sprinkle with a couple of lingonberries and some parsley. TIP: Would you like to cook in the nature? Book your activities

- Don’t be hasty when you cook on an open fire, Jukka Laapotti advices.

TOP TIP: Would you like to try a cooking course outdoors? Book your excursion, levi.fi