Lapland Safaris guide presents the wonders of nature

Lapland Safaris is a treasure trove for nature tourists, providing numerous guided tours in the nature of Lapland. Janne Alaniska, Area Manager of the company in Levi, explains why Finns should also opt for a guide.

“I’ve grown up roaming in nature since I was so young that I can't even point my finger on what’s best about it, the incredible trees or the fluffy animals. I don’t think about it like that; to me, roaming in nature is so normal, an integral part of life.

I grew up on a farm in Tarvola, next to Rovaniemi. Spending time in nature and the wilderness runs in my blood; when I was child, we were always out fishing or hunting. I studied law at the University of Rovaniemi, but I started working as a guide at Lapland Safaris during my studies. After a couple of years, I started working full-time and moved to Levi in 2008. I was captivated by the job, so to say.

The most important thing when working as a guide is to be yourself. There’s no pre-written script to follow, but you need to talk to the customers and listen to their wishes. There are many kinds of customers, so it’s a good thing that there are also many kinds of guides. A sense of security is the first priority for some customers: they want to be able to trust this person enough to head out into the wilderness with them in arctic conditions.

Hiring a guide to go with you to the forest or a snowmobile safari does not come naturally to Finns. I believe that you can get a lot more out of nature with an experienced guide who knows the best spots, is familiar with the routes and can take you places where you wouldn’t otherwise go. After all, people hire instructors on the slopes, so why not in nature?

Gear ready for 2 500 tourists

I think it’s important that nature in Lapland is respected and that it’s disturbed as little as possible. Snowmobiles are a tool that we use to get to nature, but they’re not an end in itself. Guides make sure that riders stay on marked routes. It’s great when the sun shines down from a clear sky and you get to ride in postcard landscapes with customers.

The greatest experience for our foreign customers is nature in the winter. Even the arctic sub-zero temperatures are a memorable experience that money cannot buy. We have gear for up to 2 500 tourists at our facilities in Levi, allowing us to organize tours in any weather conditions. The majority of our customers come from The Netherlands, France and the UK. The basic elements, i.e., snowmobile safaris, husky rides, reindeer rides and the northern lights, are some of the main reasons for coming here.



Usually, the customers cannot even begin to imagine what nature in the winter feels like. That's why the tours almost always exceed their expectations. Many of our customers have seen pictures of wintery forests or husky rides beforehand, but it’s hard to imagine or anticipate how it really feels when a team of huskies suddenly starts pulling with all their strength. I highly recommend the experience to Finns as well.”

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