Luxury Action creates experiences that leave a memory trace

Founded in 2009, Luxury Action designs customized holidays in Levi that are planned down to every last detail. Founder of the multi award-winning company Janne Honkanen tells us how it all began.

“First, there was a dream: I was to become a snowmobile racer in the United States. My dream came true, but getting injured in a race in Minneapolis at the age of 19 put an end to my career.

I wanted to continue working with snowmobiles so I started a snowmobile riding school for children at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. After running the company for a couple years, I faced another setback: a tumour was found in my brain. That threw my life into turmoil and even my business went bankrupt. Luckily, my father continued the business and hired me as an instructor once I had recovered. Year by year, more families from abroad started coming to the snowmobile school, because they wanted their children to learn specifically from me. They started asking if I could provide other services for them as well.

I quickly understood that my customers were so-called luxury tourists. The challenge was that nobody in Lapland knew how to serve this target group at all. Many places offered two rates, a VIP and a regular rate, and often the only difference was that the VIP rate had an extra zero at the end.

I decided to study French Riviera to see what luxury tourism can be. I interviewed private pilots and yacht captains and learned to understand different cultures and customs. I took evening classes to learn Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In 2009, I founded Luxury Action



Attention to the Smallest Details

It has been my principle from the start that a company is only as good as its latest customer feedback. We focus all our attention on the smallest details, because it is the small details that can guarantee the greatest experience. For instance, when we take our customer to meet Santa Claus in his cabin, we want the customer to feel like they are the first ones to find it. That is why we make sure that there are no other footprints around the cabin at the time. For tours, we have our own Finnish-made snowmobiles so that we can be sure that the controls and settings are just right for each and every guest.

We can offer our customers all-inclusive packages in Levi in the best possible villas with the best possible service. Our guests in Levi also have their own snowmobiles, cars and electric bikes at their disposal. We have also created a narrative Santa Claus programme in Levi where Santa has his own fell.

We customize the visit of each private and corporate customer according to their wishes. When the customers arrive on holiday, we help them to connect with local people, nature and cuisine. During their visit, we share the story of the arctic nature and local life, making their holiday an incredible experience that will live in their memory for years to come.

I believe that the customers coming on holiday are investing their most valuable asset – their time. It is our job to produce the best possible return on this investment.”

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