Room to express oneself

Levi sparked my soul.

IN 2015, THE FIRST TIME I stepped into our current premises was an utter shock: it was desolate and eerie. That was in April, and the snow was melting. What had been saunas for the gold miners in the 1950s were now smelling and had critters and bugs crawling around. The buildings were dilapidated, rotting away and surrounded by bushes and wet, spongy land. The one in the middle had an old swimming pool in it. It was filled with rubbish and balls from an old ball pool.

I couldn't help but fall in love, my goodness!

I’ve been drawn to Lapland ever since I was a child.When I first stepped onto Lapland soil as an independent adult, I felt I had arrived home. By the next summer I’d come up with an idea of a great Arctic laser game world. I felt that everything up until now had prepared me for this. I have ADHD and I need lots of stimulating activities. Here there’s room to express myself and my crazy ideas.

We renovated the place for Winter Laser World but made sure to leave as much of the old as possible. You cannot create such an exciting place by building everything anew.

Many consider the darkness and the cold as negative aspects of Lapland but for me those are definitely assets. Branches bend under the heavy snow and snowflakes reflect the colours of the spectrum amid the smoke effects and different colour lights. It takes your breath away. I love that and the bewildered joy on the customers’ faces as they run in -30 degrees Celcius with white frost on their hair and eyelashes.

Actually Winter Laser World is not about lasers, it’s about people coming together as teams to experience joy and triumph. This place has become more awe-inspiring than I could ever imagine.

Viivi Autio

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