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There is never a dull moment in Levi. Whatever ignites your soul, you’ll find it in Levi! There is no shortage of activities, and guests of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy themselves.

Skiing and cross-country skiing are perhaps the most famous activities in winter in Levi. Levi is the perfect setting for skiing and cross-country skiing, but did you know that you can also go on a husky or reindeer ride or an atmospheric horse ride on a sleigh in Levi and learn more about the lives of these cute animals?
The husky and reindeer rides and horse rides on a sleigh vary in length. You can choose the ride that is just right for you, either in daylight or at dusk, looking at the Northern Lights. The sleigh rides and farm visits are also interesting for the little ones in the family. 

In addition to the sleigh rides, you can also go to the wilderness horseback riding. Imagine you're in a snowy forest basking in the sunshine, a little frost and stillness broken only by the soft sounds of footsteps around as the horses walk the narrow paths in the peaceful forest as the guide talks to you about the nature of the area and the life of the horses here in Lapland. Even beginners can go horse riding, as the horses are calm and well-trained. 

Snowshoeing tours give you new energy when, surrounded by the silence of the forest, you calm down to look at the snowy landscape while the sun already warms you up a little.The excursion is topped off with a hot drink and by the warm fire in the hut. You can also go snowshoeing late at night using your headlamp light, and with good luck, you might see the Northern Lights dancing across the sky. Walking across thick snow is not a problem whether you are using traditional snowshoes or sliding snowshoes, and you can even make your own path off the beaten track if you like. 

For those who are thirsty for speed and action, go on a snowmobile safari or go go-karting on ice to find out who is the wildest member in your group; both activities are great holiday activity options. You can even navigate to the reindeer farm on the snowmobile safari or explore the magnificent snow hotel rooms and ice sculptures at Levi's Luvattumaa Ice Hotel. 

The Arcandia experience park opened in November and is a great addition to Levi's activity selection. The park was built on a stage build for a film that was supposed to be filmed in Lapland. Unfortunately, the fantasy film was not filmed in Levi, but now the park has a new purpose. The light and smoke special effects of the park and the world of music will make you feel like you have just walked into an epic fantasy, adventure, action movie. The park activities also serve those who want action and those who just want to admire the area with all their senses. You can have a go at archery or play laser tag games and the hilarious Knocker ball game. Large, transparent, inflatable balls are worn like a harness, and you grab the handles with your hands.

There are fun weekly programmes at Lastenmaa and Leeviland for children, and skiing on the easy slopes of Leevilandia and Lastenmaa are also easy to explore. 

The ski school runs themed training throughout the winter for different types of skiing, and group or private lessons can be booked for every day of the week for all kinds of themes or sports. 

Finish an active day out by relaxing in the warmth of the sauna, and if you're brave, go ice hole swimming out in the open air during your sauna session. After having a sauna session and going ice hole swimming, you’re guaranteed to feel brand new! There are also general sauna sessions in Levi where it is possible to refresh yourself in an ice hole. The sauna is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 



In addition to the sauna, there are other options for relaxing and unwinding. Have you ever wondered how nice and relaxing yoga would be if there were huskies around? Levi can provide this service too! Have a soothing yoga and stretching session with some happy furry friends. How could your holiday in Levi get any better than this?

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