Top Magical Cristmas moments

Visit a gingerbread house, experience a fairytale-like white Christmas forest – and visit Father Christmas himself. These are some of the best places to go if you want to celebrate Christmas in Levi.

Levi is the perfect place to get that Christmas spirit!
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Santa´s Workshop in Elves Village

At arrival you will be greeted by the elf. You will get a secret map of the area that will lead you through the wintery forest and a magic Seita stone to the Elves’ Hideaway. In the Gingerbread house you will bake delicious gingerbread cookies and at Elves´s school you will make decorations like snowflakes and elves and not to mention a visit to the Wise Elf´s house where you can find a crystal eye on the roof that Ämmi (Grandmother) calls her third eye. On the way the elves are helping you to find these magic places and telling you more about their life in the Elves Village. 

Christmas Fairytale Riding Trek for Children

Can you hear the footsteps of grey slippers on the snow? Was there something red peeking from behind that tree? Can you find the hidden presents left behind by the elves?

A Christmas-themed trek to the Fairytale Forest for families. Children will be on horseback and the parents will lead the horses with the guide walking ahead.

Visit Santa's Christmas Cabin in Levi

You’ll have a guided tour at Santa’s secret cabin and his yard. You will see many buildings around the yard and if you are lucky you might see some Elves too. You’ll go inside to Santa’s Secret Cabin and there you’ll meet Mr and Mrs Santa. Mrs Santa tells you some Christmas stories and she’ll also serve you a warm Christmas drink and gingerbread cookies, which she has made by herself. At last you will meet Mr Santa and say hello to this gentleman who loves every single child and adult and all kind of animals in the world. Santa will also give a small Christmas present for every child.

Christmas safari to meet Santa with snowmobile

Snowmobile safari with a reindeer ride and private meeting with Santa is waiting for you and your family. You ride snowmobiles through white forests and plains to one of the most beautiful wilderness lodges in Levi area. As you arrive, it's time to hop on to a sleigh and take a little ride with reindeer. While you're enjoying the peace and quiet with the reindeer you have time to think of your wishes and stories to tell to Santa, as you will meet him next in his old secret cabin! He might just join you for the reindeer ride too! 

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We're excited to see you in Levi during Christmas!


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