Come work remotely in Levi and enjoy the best leisure activities in your free time.

Do the walls feel like they are crashing in on you in your home office? Do you need peace and quiet to work? Levi has carefully prepared for the increased demand for remote work facilities and will be the first to offer travel packages for working remotely. Work from morning till midday, go outside for lunch and continue the workday until dusk falls in the afternoon.

The remote worker’s travel package ensures you get a nice and quiet workstation with all your needs and a wifi connection. This package also includes a Levi Wellness Club pass for the entire period of stay, a ticket to the experience spa, and a ski pass. Good working and recreational conditions guarantee an efficient yet stress-free work-life balance. The accommodation consists of holiday apartments close to Levi’s amenities; a well-equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and a private sauna which guarantees a homely atmosphere. 

The cross-country skiing and downhill ski season start in early October on 02 October when the first slope and piste/ski run opens. Levi has plenty of opportunities for your recreational activities that ensure even remote workers spend their free time comfortably outside while playing sports and enjoying nature.  

We thought that we have to meet the needs of the increased demand in working remotely. Working remotely has suddenly become the norm for work that allows people the freedom to change their environment, i.e. in pursuit of their hobbies/recreational activities. “A change of environment and a momentary detachment from everyday life will certainly refresh your mind”, says Katja Rauhala, head of Visit Levi’s sales team. 

Remote work packages for 2 or 4 weeks are available from October to November. Alternatively, we can help tailor a package at a more preferred time of year that would suit you, i.e. January 2021. Feel free to contact us, and we can help tailor a package to suit your needs. For more information, you can contact us via e-mail at, or calling us on 016,639 3300. 

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2-week package  
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Prices are for one person, and additional people can be conveniently added at the time of booking. 

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