Coronavirus (COVID-19) - travel advice

The most popular season in Levi, winter, has begun and a wide range of services are available in the area. However, we place particular emphasis on corona safety for our customers, companies in the region, entrepreneurs and our staff.

Finland will introduce new restrictive measures to curb the coronavirus situation. Tourists coming to Finland from outside the EU and Schengen area are required to have a negative test certificate valid for less than 48 hours in addition to the full vaccination series. This will take effect on Tuesday, 21nd of December. In addition, special attention will be paid to Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Those coming from these areas are to be referred to a compulsory health examination, in practice a corona test, unless they have a recent test certificate.

Tourists in the EU and Schengen area are encouraged to take an home corona test on their own before entering the country.

Holidaymakers traveling in Finland are advised to take a home test before going on holiday, and we at Levi hope that you will do so for the sake of common health. A small act that has a big impact on our area.

We have taken all possible measures to ensure that all our guests enjoy a safe holiday while ensuring that everyone is comfortable and cozy while on holiday in Levi.

Many restaurants at Levi will be asking customers to present a valid EU corona passport certificate. The listing of those restaurants will be updated to

Corona info can be found on Visit Levi's website:

The measures taken by Levi's operators are listed on the website, where holidaymakers can be assured of corona-safe operations on the part of entrepreneurs:



- Come to Levi healthy
- Remember hand and coughing hygiene
- Dispose of used tissues and disposable protective masks
- Book all your services in advance from the online store if possible
- Use remote payment on your card when possible
- Avoid crowds indoors where you are unable to maintain an adequate safety distance and wear a mask
- Act responsibly, follow the rules and the instructions given by the staff

In Levi, you can take a corona test at Levi's Pihlajalinna, Bene and 9 Lives at Kittilä Airport.

Please use a mask, we want to stay healthy for you!