Love in the air

Time together with your loved ones is what holiday in Levi is all about. And when the time is just right something magical can arise - question like "Will you Marry me?". These places are a perfect match for this very special occasion.

13 romantic places in Levi

Levi is the place for a perfect romantic getaway. Silence, pureness and unique natural encironments, unparalleled in the world.  These thirteen places are like a beautiful icing on the cake - perfect  spots to pop the must awaited special question...

1. Top of Levitunturi fell

531 metres above sea level reaching Levitunturi fell is the undisputed number one in Levi as a romantic spot. Up and down rolling hills and enchanting fell sceneries till the eye can see symbolize the journey together from now on. Besides the top of Levi there are also many other romantic places to be found around Levi fell.

2. Santa's Cabin

Iconic Santa's Cabin - a very well known place from the movie "Christmas Story" is a must place to visit for many. The Cabin is easily reachable around the year and a perfect place to pop the special question. The Lappish fell scenery here is totally stunning and it paints beautiful background for the next steps on your journey together.

3. Purring like a cat

It does not always take that much effort to win a heart - it is more about creating perfect settings for this. Great way to do this is the once-of-a-kind Lapland Express Snowcat. Special tour with only the two of you in the amazing scenery of Levi fell. Admire the snowy trees, starry sky or Northern Lights - and get "Yes, I do" from your chosen one when the time is right.

4. In the comfort of a cosy cabin

Would you like to leave a lasting memory from your visit to Levi? Special places to remember for the rest of your life are the many special accommodotion options that Levi has to offer. For example two ice hotels, many igloos, aurora huts and luxury cabins are perfect romantic places to stay on your visit to Levi - truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences and lasting memories for all involved.

5. Love is in the air

In spring time you can raise your question literally to the next level! With a helicopter you can see Levi from whole new perspective and get closest to the feeling of flying like a bird. Bird's eye view and shared uplifting experience is also a great time to propose.

6. Under warm blankets

Have you always dreamed of a ride on a dog or a reindeer sled? Levi is the perfect place for this. Under the warm blankets with the special one beside you a sled ride feels like a winter fairytale, the speed and feeling the wind on your face. More warmth can be added to this trip by popping the question when the situation is just perfect - Will you...? 

7. Amidst beautiful Lappish sceneries

Beautiful things can be seen and unveiled from many strategically situated view points and resting places in and around Levi. Great example is Hotel Panorama's leanto and lookout tower just metres away from Levi's centre. Almost as easily reached is the Korkeaniemi leanto situated between Levi and Kätkä fells. One more example is the Akanrinpi bird-watching-tower situated some kilometres from Levi. All in their own great places to spend some special time with the right companion.

8. Top of Kätkätunturi fell

Excellent and beautiful proposal sites can also be found from Kätkä fell. Stunning scenaries in all directions opening up from the top of Kätkä fell require a bit effort from both of you on your way to the top. Tour to the top is also a great metaphor for your life long journey together.

9. Into the wild

Less known place to visit near Levi leads you almost into the wild. Ruoppaköngäs is located roughly 22 kilometres from Levi towards Muonio and an easy trekking destination for a romantic visit. You can get near by car and then just follow a short path to Pahikkojärvi lake. On the rocky shores you will feel as if you are deep in the wilderness. Reserve two glasses and some sparkling wine to celebrate.

10. Down by the river

In addition to the many fells Levi is well known for it's many waterways. In summertime Levijärvi, Sirkkajärvi and Immeljärvi lakes offer pontoon ferry cruises to remember. Or how about a canoe trip in summer, when the sun never sets? Ounasjoki river offers a whole new perspective to Levi fell  - and also many possibilitites for a romantic suprise.

11. Midnight golf

In the most northern golf course in Finland you can play even in the middle of the night. During summer nights, when the sun never sets, there is a special kind of atmosphere. Something is absent, the sound that is usually there during the day: tranquillity has fallen over the course. For lovers, this is also the perfect time to pop the romantic question.

12. Food for your soul

After an active day, you need food for your soul - and body. Levi has over 60 restaurants to choose from where romantic possibilities are endless. One excellent choise for quality time with your loved one are restaurants serving local Lappish delicasies like the two Kammi restaurants in Levi. Candle light intimacy is easy to get for example in restaurant Aurora Sky - an added bonus is the stunning scenery opening up from the Utsuvaara.

13. Nature's own art exhibition

In Levi beautiful Lappish nature, silence and pureness create perfect settings for many romantic encounters. Nightless nights, autumn foliage, blinking stars in the night sky and magically dancing Northern Lights all offer great possibilities to make strong, lasting memories for a lifetime. And also great possibilities to experience something unique together with that special someone.

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