Nightless nights at Levi

In the summer, sunlight paints the top of the Levi fell and wakes you up gently in the morning – or even in the middle of the night. Here the midnight sun never sleeps and it shines around the clock for 45 days.

This is the perfect time for a canoe trip, or a sauna in the early hours of the morning, or head towards the 18-hole golf course. Or for picking flowers to cast traditional Midsummer spells.

Experience at least these

We gathered some hints and tips to experience the midsummer in Levi the best possible way - pick your own or experince all of them! 

1) Santa's cabin

Don't forget to visit the iconic Santa's Cabin - a very well known place from the movie "Christmas Story". The Lappish fell scenery here is totally stunning. Santa's Cabin is located between slopes number 11 and 13. In summer time the cabin is reachable from the gondola's top and bottom stations as well from the marked Ice Age hiking trail.

2) Elves hideway

Elves Hideaway is an experience village located in Köngäs, just eight kilometres from the Levi fell. The village is open all year round. In the village, you can watch elves prepare for the main festivity of the year. Or you can listen to a fairy tales, study at elf school or sit on Santa's knee. Book your trip in advance from Levi Tourist Office.


Hop on a bicycle and experience Levi from a whole different level! At Activity Park in Levi, you can try downhill mountain biking on the west side of the fell. All the equipment you need is available for hire. Beginners are also welcome to join the nature. If you enjoy more peaceful activities, you can take part in a fatbike trip. 

4) ACTIVIties for everyone

Levi offers over 50 summer activities to choose from. Guided tours and activities every day. The biggest Adventure Park in Northern Europe and summer sled track, as well as Children's playhouse, add a new dimension to children's play. An easy way experience everything, what you can do summertime in Levi is to take part in Levi Outdoor Fest.

5) Levi Golf

Put on your white shorts and head towards the golf course. Finland's northernmost 18-hole course at Levi Golf offers varied conditions for your game and you can play even in the middle of the nightless night. More than 93 hectares of beautifully green golf magic by the Levi fell!

6) Scenic routes in National Park

Levi is a great base for experiencing the scenic routes and places close and nearby. Make the most of your Lapland experience and take a day trip even further, the surrounding Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has several sites for you to feast your soul on.

7. Down by the river 

How about a canoe trip in the midsummer, when the sun never sets? Or a fishing trip with friends amidst beautiful scenery in Lapland?  Levi is a great fishing destination with several locations within a driving distance of an hour or two. The Levi Tourist Office will provide you further information and tips if you want to stay at a wilderness hut or go camping. You can also buy fishing permits from Levi Tourist Office. 

8) juhannus

Experience summer Levi like the locals do! Juhannus, Midsummer or Summer Solstice is a national holiday in Finland and often means the begininning of real summer and summer holidays for Finns. Juhannus is typically spent with friends and family away from the city, either partying or relaxing and celebrating the nightless nights. In Levi you can take part in the most typical Midsummer celebration traditions - like lighting bonfires and bathing in saunas or picking flowers to cast Midsummer spells.