Experience the summer magic and fall aurora season in Levi
Keskikesä pyöräily

Find yourself living the dream in Levi

Joulupukin mökki kesä

Magic of Levi

Keskikesä pyöräily

Find yourself living the dream in Levi

Joulupukin mökki kesä

Magic of Levi

Experience the magic of summer and autumn in Levi

The golden light, floral splendour of the fells, warm touch of water in the summer. Breathtakingly colorful landscapes, northern lights on the sky and their reflection on the surfaces of lakes and rivers in the fall. The annual cycle in Levi is magical. Here you will enjoy eight seasons, instead of just four.

Some destinations are simply a must-see. Levi is definitely one of these. During the summer the sun shines throughout the day – and the night.

The true magic of Lapland begins to emerge as the snow melts and fragrant flowers bloom along the babbling brooks.

In the summer, the fells bathe in the light of the midnight sun; stones warmed by sunlight offer the perfect place to gaze upon the landscape expanding to the horizon in all directions, where even gnats won’t bother you.

When the end of summer approaches and fall is getting closer, nature begins to dress in its most vibrant colors and the breath-taking northern lights light up the sky as nights get darker.

melonta järvellä

Unforgettable experiences for everyone

With the midnight sun shining around the clock from the end of May to mid-July, you can experience the beauty of the arctic nature in Levi both during the day and the night. Explore the fells and forests on a mountain bike or hike to the top of the fell to admire the views. It's also the perfect time for a trek in the forest on horseback, canoeing down the river or enjoying Finnish sauna.

When the summer days get shorter and the evenings darker, it is time for harvesting. This is the best time to explore and learn about the superfoods growing in the nature in Lapland! You can pick cloudberries, blueberries and many other delicacies straight into your mouth. Take part in a guided trip and learn more about the arctic nature and foraging for berries and mushrooms. The end of summer is also the beginning of the northern lights season. Join a tour and check this incredible natural phenomenon off your bucket list!

Find the perfect place to stay

In Levi, you can pick your stay from a wide range of options. We have everything from hotels located right in the centre of the village to high-end villas surrounded by nature. You can even choose to stay under the sky in a glass igloos! No matter which you choose, clean nature will practically start from the doorstep.

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Levi in a nutshell

  • Only 15 minutes transfer from the Kittilä airport (KTT) to Levi village

  • Over 50 different summer activities to choose from

  • 18-hole golf course

  • Great possibilities for hiking and biking

  • The biggest activity park in Northern Europe

  • The purest air in populated area according to WHO and the happiest people in the world

  • 25 000 bed places

Levi offers a wide variety of hotels, cabins, and apartments from 1 to 5 stars. Whether you are looking for an alpine-style apartment in the middle of the village, a log cabin surrounded by nature, or a glass igloo in the fell you will surely find a suitable option. The apartments and the cabins are well-equipped for a perfect holiday and in most of them, you can enjoy the warmth of your own sauna.

No matter when you arrive, your experience will always be unforgettable. Wondrous. You are warmly welcome!

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