8 seasons of Levi – Polar Nights
Levitunturi moottorikelkkailu

8 seasons of Levi – Polar Nights

Lights and smells from the village of Sirkka bring warmth to the soothing winter darkness.

Snowfall transforms Levi into a beautiful winter wonderland. In levi, the photogenic blue and dusky polar night is a time for settling down. Wrap yourself in a blanket, sit in the front af the fire, and become inspired by the enchanting atmosphere. You could also try a snowmobile or reindeer safari or visit the elves in a neighbouring village; Levi has everything from yoga to go-kart racing on ice.

In Levi, Polor Nights start at sunset on Monday 11.12.2023 at 12.29 and end at sunrise on New Year's Day (Monday) 1.1.2024 at 12.16.

Did You Know?
Ice swimming boosts circulation and is thought to have a beneficial effect on various pains and aches. Summon your courage and feel the refreshing effect of the ice-cold water!

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