All packed and ready to go
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All packed and ready to go

If you are planning a trip to Levi and agonising over what to pack, here are a few tips – what to pack, what to leave out?

Layer up

Layered clothing is the best way to avoid getting cold. Several thin layers are better when you're active – believe us, skiing in heavy down gear is anything but easy!

Tip: As well as buying clothes, you can rent winter clothing at Levi, from snow mobile gear to sportswear. If you need winter clothing only once a year, rental is an excellent (and affordable) alternative.

Protect your fingers and toes

Frost is merciless and strikes quickly. Protect yourself properly from the cold and enjoy the outdoors carefree, even when it gets chilly. Leave your high heels at home – fancy foot wear will only give you blue toes.

Tip: Many types of winter boots are on sale at Levi. They are guaranteed to keep your toes warm.

Skis, snowboards, mountainbikes...

What ever your chosen activity, you can rent the equipment you need at Levi. This may even save you money, since airlines charge extra for transporting sports equipment. By renting, you can ensure that your equipment is always well-maintained and of high quality.

Tip: Rental equipment from previous seasons is often sold off at the end of the season. This can represent a good opportunity to obtain a pair of top flight skis at a cheaper price. More details are available from the rental shops!

Ladylike on the fells

The shops in Levi do not only stock sports wear or down jackets – if you forgot to pack your party dress, you will find it in one of Levi's stores.

Tip: Basic makeup and beauty products are available at Levi, for those who want to cover up their rosy cheeks and become the belles of the ball.

What to pack in summer?

In the summer, there is no need to worry about frost, but bring a long-sleeved shirt and trousers to shield yourself from mosquitoes. From time to time, even Levi gets to bask in the heat – leave your winter wear at home.

Tip: The full range of anti-mosquito products, from repellent sprays to mosquito nets, is on sale at Levi. Don't forget swimsuits and sun cream in case of heat waves.

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