New Year`s Eve Dinners
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New Year`s Eve Dinners

On this page you can find restaurants´ New Year`s Eve menus.

Gastro K.

New Year`s five-course menu


Soup with lorchel and smoked reindeer (L, G)
Tenderloin stake, potato cake,
red wine sauce, root vegetables (L)
Cranberry sorbet, caramel sauce (L, G)

Vegan menu

Lorchel soup (G, Veg)
Lemon risotto (G, Veg)
Blackcurrant cake (G, Veg)

Price: 68,00€

King Crab House

New Year’s Eve dinner 31.12. at 17.00-20.00. King Crab House offers Levi’s most stunning Arctic 3 course menu.


Cod cheek and dill mayonnaise
***Perch ceviche Smoked shrimps and aioli
Sugared salted whitefish and fennel créme
King crab roe mousse and malt bread
King crab croquet and leek foam
Smoked reindeer heart and red onion-port wine compote
Green salad, pickled vegetables, and blueberry vinaigrette
King crab legs in king crab broth
Crab claws in ginger-coconut sauce
Blue mussels in a creamy garlic-parsley sauce
Roasted garlic bread and roasted potatoes
Chocolate cake, cranberry mousse and cocoa tuille

Price: 93€
Reservations: – – +358 400 138 333


New Years Eve dinner, it is served 31.12.2023 at 18.00 - 22.00

Green salad and citrus vinaigrette M, G
Pickled vegetables M, G
Potato salad L, G
Tomato-mozzarella salad L, G
Salmon pastrami M, G
Crayfish terrine L, G
Roe mousse and rye crisps L
Roast beef and horseradish sauce L, G
Roasted duck breast and cranberry compote L, G
Assortment of bread and spreads

Roasted arctic char and seafood sauce L, G
Overcooked brisket and dark garlic sauce L, G
Roasted herb potatoes L, G
Roasted beetroots L, G

Licorice pannacotta L, G
Blueberry mousse L, G
Assorted chocolates

The price includes a glass of sparkling wine 12 cl
as an aperitif, two glasses of wine 12 cl/glass
and two drinks for children

S-bonus card 95 € / 45 € children 3-15 y
Without S- bonus card 99 € / 49 € children 3-15 y

More information and reservations: puh. 016 3215 500 /

Northern Lights Ranch

New Year’s Eve dinner 31.12.2023 at 20.00/20.30

Green Salad
Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke and Cranberry
Potato Salad
Mushroom Salad
Gravlax and Sour Cream with Dill
Smoked White Fish
Roasted Beef with Red Onion Compote
Slow Cooked Reindeer with Lingonberries
Finnish Country Cheese and Cloudberry Jam
Beetroot and Goat Cheese
Boiled Potatoes
Ranch Sour Dough Bread
Main Course Selected from the Following Options:
Beef Sirloin with Roasted Root Vegetables, Cabbage and Porcini Sauce
Roasted Salmon with Lapland Potatoes, Fennel and Sour Milk Sauce
Zucchini filled with Quinoa, Wild Herb Pesto and Porcini Sauce
Selection of Cheeses and Crackers with Homemade Jam
Chocolate and Blueberry Cake

Price 85€/person (43€/child 3-12 yrs.)
New Years Eve Dinner includes a welcome drink.
Drinks and possible other purchases will be charged on site based on consumption along with the menus.
Reservations:, +358 44 770 0541

Restaurant Utsu

New Year’s Eve dinner 31.12.2023-01.01.2024 at 17.00 & 20.00

4 course menu at 17.00Lappish potato, smoked sour creme and vendace roe
King crab soup with Aquavit
Lamb with celeriac and allspice
Cloudberry pavlova with roasted white chocolate

Price: 78€/adult 39€/child 4-12 yrs

6 course menu at 21.00Lappish potato, smoked sour creme and vendace roe
Reindeer tartar, dill, and yolk
King crab soup with Aquavit
Pumpkin with sea buckthorn and smoked cheese
Lamb with celeriac and allspice
Cloudberry pavlova with roasted white chocolate

Price: 99€/adult 49,50€/child 4-12 yrs
We take special dietary requirements into account, when informed in advance. Limited amount of seats.,


New year´s festival dinner. Buffet settings from 20.00 – 22.00


Glass of bubbly
Green salad (m,g,veg)
Potato salad (m,g)
Pasta salad (l)
Marinated shrimp (m,g)
Lightly salted salmon (m,g) with dill sauce (l,g)
Smoked salmon (m,g)
Roast beef (m,g)
Country-style pâté and marinated Red onions (m,g,veg)
Vegetable terrine
Turkey fillet (m,g) and red wine sauce (l,g)
Salmon bearnaise (l,g)
Creamy potatoes (l,g)
Pea & swede patties (m,g,veg)
Roasted vegetables (m,g,veg)
French fries (m,g,veg)
Meat ball`s (m,g)
Sausages (m,g)
Chicken nuggets (m)
Finnish mocha brownies (l)
Biscuits (l)
Chocolate cream puffs (l)
Berry mousse (l)
Brie-cheese, Blue cheese (l,g), Emmental and Cheddar-cheese (l,g)
Crackers and marmalade (l)
Fruits (m,g,veg)
Assorted pralines (l)
Apple donuts(vl)
Marshmallows (m,g)

Price: 72€/person, children 4-12 yrs -50%
+358 16 323500 or

We reserve the right to make changes.

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