cross-country skiing
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Enjoy the cross-country skiing with family

Cross-country skiing with children

Teaching a child to cross-country ski can be a rewarding experience. You can enjoy a
wonderful family trip and share many laughs together. And your child will learn a lifelong, traditional Finnish skill.

When your child sees you skiing, he or she would want to try it too. Toddlers tend to copy everything their parents do - so take advantage of this and show them exciting moves!

Basics and equipment for skiing

So that skiing doesn’t stop right at the first fall or the child doesn’t understand how to move forward, it’s a good idea to teach him/her the basics of cross-country skiing. And usually the best option is an outsider. In Levi, ski lessons are always available from the age of four.

Ski equipment for children can also be rented from rental companies in the Levi area. There are also sleds where a child can travel comfortably on a cross-country ski trip.

Route selection

Choose your route carefully and make it easy. When you go cross-country skiing with the kids, choose a route that is much easier than the one you would normally ski alone. You want them to have fun and skiing isn’t too hard. You can always go the same route multiple

Here are our few options for a ski trip:

In Levi you can ski on flat terrain in many different places and you can easily get to these trails directly from the car. The Tonttula (Elves Experience Village) offers short and nice cross-country ski trails with children. And Tonttula's café makes your mouth and tummy happy after a wonderful trip.

There is a 4 km route from the center of Levi along the fell to the Northeast Slopes, aka Draivi, where it is good to enjoy a good break before returning on the return journey via
Pikku and Miniporo. In our experience, brisk children over the age of 7 survive this route to Draivi when they are rewarded with a hot chocolate and a donut at the Draivi restaurant.

From Levikeskus you can also ski to Lake Immeljärvi and go on a ski trip to Immelkartano's waffle café and back. The distance is about 5 km. If you want a completely smooth / flat route, you can start skiing directly from Immeljärvi, which shortens the skiing trip.

Levi Tourist Information and e.g. at Zero Point you can buy a paper map and recommendations for different routes with children.

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Bring snacks!

Keep snacks at hand, they are good for motivating kids to the next goal. If your child looks tired or hungry, take a snack break. You can also bring hot chocolate with you and set a milestone. When you have all reached a certain point, Have a chocolate party! Along the cross-country trails of Levi, you will also find huts and trail cafes where you can fry sausages, enjoy your own snacks or buy products from the trail café. For example, check Levi's
electronic route map carefully in advance so you know the distances to the resting spots.

Dress accordingly

Dress smartly and according to the weather. Circumstances can change very quickly. Use layers and bring extra equipment (especially mittens) in case they get wet. Warm children = happy children. Remember that when skiing, there is a good chance that it will get hot. Dress
so that you can add and remove layers as needed throughout skiing.

Encouragement goes a long way. Encourage these little skiers! Praise for their ski equipment and skiing skills. Tell them they’re doing a great job, even if they fall at times.

Cross-country skiing can be physically strenuous, so don’t tire your kids with excessive skiing or teaching too much. They learn at their own pace. Also, be sure to go skiing when the weather conditions are good. This means there is not too cold or very snowy weather. Choose a route that is not too long and does not include too many climbs and that there may be a hut or trail cafe along the way where you can take breaks. No matter how many times they fall, they end up learning and loving skiing - just like you!

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