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Taking photos in Levi – 6 tips

Are you looking for wonderful places that portray the beauty and atmosphere of Lapland and Levi the best? We’ve put together a few tips for you on admirable places we’d take our friends to see.

The light is usually at its best for half an hour before and after sunrise and sunset. 

Kittilä Church Village Bird-Watching Tower

Check out Levi and take photos of the fell and the magnificent Ounasjoki river
by Kittilä’s Church Village Bird-WatchingTower. Levitunturi turns a delicious light pink colour during the polar night, which will surely leave you with a unique and long-lasting memory for
years to come. It's a good idea to rent or take a long-distance camera lens here that can take photos of distant subjects. Or just simply enjoy the view,

There is also a laavu (traditional Finnish shelter, lean-to) in the area where you find some quiet time and even wait for the Northern Lights.

Utsuvaara’s scenic lookout post

There is a large car park at the end of Utsuvaarantie Leave the car at the car park and go for a walk away from the fell, then uphill a little. After walking about 100 metres, you can start seeing the view, and you can often find crown snow-load here.

The large car park in Utsuvaara has minimal light pollution, so the sky can be seen, which means that watching the Northern Lights is easy and fun when you can wait for the Northern Lights to show up in the warmth of your car.

Old buildings and lovely reindeer at Sammun-Tupa

You can find an old and authentic Lappish courtyard at Sammun-Tupa. The magnificent buildings and the reindeer in the area are perfect for taking photos of.

Make sure you set aside a lot of time for this visit, as you are sure to visit the cosy café here as well. The first coffees for skiers were served in 1982 when the owners first created the cross-country ski tracks to Sammun-Tupa. Sammun-Tupa is one of Levi's oldest lodge cafés and programme service companies.

Levi viewpoint

A small path leads to Café Panorama Laavu behind the Levi Summit event centre in front of Hotel Levi Panorama. This laavu is only open for private events, but there is a viewpoint next to the laavu.

As you arrive here, you can see the whole Levi village area from the holiday of the trees and even further into Lapland’s fell scenery. This is also a great place even in the dark (don't forget to bring a headlamp) to watch the village's splendour and watch the Northern Lights above the village.

Arcandia Arctic Adventure Park

Arcandia is an Arctic adventure park that provides activities for large groups, families, and tourists.  The light and smoke special effects of the park and the world of music will make you feel like you have just walked into an epic fantasy, adventure, action movie. The park activities also serve those who want action and for those who just want to admire the area with all their senses.

A photography tour with a professional

You can also go on a photography tour with a professional photographer in Levi! Organised photography tours go out into the magnificent natural surroundings,
both day and night, and of course, all year round so that you can capture all
the seasons in the enchanting environment of Levi and Lapland.