Expert tips – how to enjoy the purity of Lapland
liukulumikenkäily pinkki tammikuu

Expert tips – how to enjoy the purity of Lapland

Need some inspiration for your next holiday in Levi?

How to enjoy the purity of Lapland and the cleanest air in the world? Try these!

1. Physical Activity

– I always commute to the fell by biking, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing... Commuting is the best physical activity, and you can enjoy the weather at the same time!

2. Fell Views

– The fell landscape and starry nights – nowhere else can you see as far as in Lapland, it's truly a unique experience!

3. Nature's Treasures

– Lapland's berries and fish taste delicious in the fresh air. I spent my childhood summers picking lingonberries and by the riverside, even caught some Arctic char myself.

4. Autumn Colors

– Autumn trips! Autumn is the best time for hiking, considering the colors and weather. Also, speaking of weather: autumn is the cleanest season if you seek the purest air experience.

5. Culture

– I also enjoy cultural events in Lapland like silence festivals, the nightless night, art galleries and exhibitions, traditional livelihoods, and exploring these. They might not be directly related to clean air, but they contribute to an authentic atmosphere.

These tips were provided by Eija Asmi of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Learn more about the activities at the Pallas research station.

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