faces of Levi 1 - Hannu Mäkitalo
hannu mäkitalo

faces of Levi 1 - Hannu Mäkitalo

Levi is home to many colourful characters, united by their love of their home fells and who are genuinely happy to see visitors.

Many originally came for one season, which then stretched into several. Some have set up a year-round home in Levi, and built their lives in the fell surroundings. Others have grown up in the community and spent their entire lives in the region, still warm with fondness for the place.

Life in Levi means being close to nature and people. Work often means entrepreneurship and more specialised jobs are on offer. Levi's unique setting adds a particular flavour to any kind of work.

Hannu Mäkitalo, slope manager, Levi Ski Resort

"My parents are from here, from the village of Sirkka, and I grew up in Kittilä. I have spent most of my working life in Levi Ski Resort and seen Levi's development from almost nothing to what is now.

I like to go up into the fells and just look around. The rocky felltops and the russet colour of the ground in Autumn, make me go quiet. I've been looking at them for 40 years and still find them beautiful. "