In focus: The best instagram locations in the Levi area
Samuel Taipale 2018

In focus: The best instagram locations in the Levi area

Say Cheese! Do you want to capture the unique beauty of Levi with your camera? Here are some great locations in Levi and the surrounding areas, which are worth visiting and wonderful to post on your own social media channel.

Levi is a popular destination among various visitors including travel bloggers, groups of friends, families and everything in between. Levi's uniqueness lies in its colourfulness, both in terms of nature and activities.

Kätkä's heart gnarl

Kätkätunturi, also known simply as Kätkä, is located on the west side of Levi center and lake Immeljärvi. Beautiful landscapes open up from the fell, both in the direction of Levitunturi and the fells of Pallas-Ylläs national park that rise further away.

The trail to the top of Kätkä is in good condition. When you have passed the steepest climb, right next to the route on the right-hand side, there is a heart-shaped gnarl growing in a birch tree. Many people pass this spot looking down at their shoes and still a little out of breath from the climb, so remember to look up and capture this wonderful display of nature's love.

The Fell views enchant visitors

Walking to the top the Levi fell requires effort, but you can also take the scenic gondola lift to the top of Levi, where you can rest your eyes on the horizon and your mind calms down. From the top, you can see the peaks of the Pallas fells which are part Pallas-Ylläs National Park.

The landscape of the National Park is dominated by fells and the pristine forests and bogs that surround them. Lapland's landscapes are sure to enchant the visitor. Indeed, the silhouette of the Pallas fells have been chosen as one of Finland's national landscapes. The fells are what remains of a mountain range similar to modern-day Alps that existed in the area approximately 3 billion years ago.  

Pallastunturit Leviltä
Levi viewpoint

Behind the event center Levi Summit, located in front of Hotel Panorama, there is a 300-meter-long path leading to a closed, private lean-to shelter. The path is beautifully lit in winter and next to the lean-to shelter you will find a viewpoint overlooking the Levi village, with fell landscapes in the distance. This is a wonderful place even in the dark (just remember to bring a headlamp) to watch the colourful lights of the village, and to watch the northern lights. In the summer you can come here to admire the midnight sun.

Immelkaltio spring

Did you know that Levi has a natural spring? You may even have driven past the sign. Immelkaltio is an accessible and ancient site surrounded by forest, which is less than 100 m from the parking lot. In the 18th century Immelkaltio used to be a drinking and resting place on the old trail between Kaukonen and Hetta.

There is a bench by the clear spring where you can sit and admire the beautiful surroundings. You will also find a sign near the spring that explains the story and history of the fountain in more detail (in Finnish).

Santa's cabin

Santa’s cabin is one of the most photographed spots in Lapland. Levi’s most iconic photo spot is known from a Finnish movie called the Christmas story. The cabin is easy to get to all year round. You can see the stunning landscapes of Lapland from the cabin and its terrace. 

Samuel Taipale 2018

Ruoppaköngäs consists of a scenic rock formation, a deep lake Pahikkojärvi, a small waterfall and thickly grown old woodland. It’s located about 22 km from Levi centre towards Muonio. Look for the signpost that reads “Ruoppaköngäs” and turn the the left (when driving from the direction of Levi). From the parking lot, a small forest path leads to the cliff area. It’s a stunning place that lends itself to scenic photos, especially in autumn with the beautiful colours reflected on the lake’s surface.

Taatsi Sieidi

Sieidis are holy places related to Sámi culture. These places of worship were believed to be the home of gods, spirits and elf folk. Sieidis are typically individual, unusually shaped or coloured natural rocks. Most sieidis are noticeable landmarks and clearly stand out in their environment.

The Taatsinkirkko (‘Taatsi church’) rock formation was thought to have been made by giants due to its unusual and peculiar shape. The Taatsi Sieida was dedicated to deer, fish and later also to reindeer.

The destination is about 80 km from Levi, about 100 km from Kittilä and 120 km from Inari.

Taatsin kirkko