"Levi is a pioneer in snow preservation."
FIS race director Peter Gerdol

"Levi is a pioneer in snow preservation."

The International Ski Federation (FIS) conducted its traditional summer inspection at the Levi World Cup venue.

60,000 cubic meters of preserved snow in the Levi Black slope ensures the success of the Levi World Cup event on November 10-12, 2023. Last year, Levi opened the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup tour with two women's races as the first two Central European competitions were canceled.

- Due to the massive amount of snow deposits in Levi, the risk of cancellation is minimal compared to other locations. Last year, Zermatt's races had to be canceled due to lack of snow, but this season, Zermatt has preserved snow below the glacier for the first time. We don't yet know how it will work, but other resorts are now trying to progress in this matter, says Peter Gerdol, FIS Race Director World Cup Women.

Levi is a pioneer in snow preservation

Levi Ski Resort began preserving snow for the World Cup for the first time in 2016. The required amount of snow has been carefully calculated, taking into account snow loss during the warm season, which is only 5 - 10 percent. Snow loss decreased significantly when Finnfoam insulation representing snow preservation technology was introduced in 2020.

- Levi has definitely been a pioneer in snow preservation, and special covers used for preservation were developed here. Different covers and techniques are used in Central Europe, but we don't yet know their effectiveness, says Peter Gerdol.

Levi's "glacier" on the Front Slope guarantees reliable skiing conditions for athletes from the beginning of October onwards. The Glacier chairlift in use also enhances the training conditions for Levi's alpine skiing.

- From an international perspective in skiing, it's good that other ski resorts are starting to preserve snow. However, the matter is not as simple and easy in Central Europe as it is at these latitudes due to sunlight, temperatures, and many other factors, says Janne Leskinen, Chief Executive Officer of the Levi World Cup.

Earlier timing of the event

This year, the Levi World Cup event is held one week earlier than in previous years.

- We discussed the basics with FIS in the meeting, and the new timing requires certain changes, such as team accommodations and where specific activities are done. I'm looking forward to the upcoming event with excitement, says Janne Leskinen.

Since 2020, only women have competed in Levi.

- Of course, we hope to have Finnish women competing for top positions as soon as possible. Our goal is to also bring men back to compete in Levi," says Janne Leskinen.

The snow control for the Levi Black race slope will be conducted on November 2nd, 2023.


Reindeer at the slopes
World Cup Levi and FIS staff