Levin toisenlainen ”After Ski”
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Levi has a different kind of "Aprés Ski"

Levin toisenlainen ”After Ski”

Mitä kivaa sitä tekisi illalla, kun on hyvä päivä tunturissa takana ja vielä tekisi mieli tehdä jotakin? Olemme koonneet sinulle viisi erilaista ”After Ski” elämystä Levillä.

Levi has a different kind of "Aprés Ski"

What sort of fun activities could you do in the evening after a day on the slopes and you still feel like doing something? We have put together six different Après ski experiences for you in Levi.

1. Sauna and ice hole swimming in the Ounasjoki river

Have a cosy and peaceful moment here and leave the busyness behind.  You can take a dip in one of the two ice swimming holes right by the Ounasjoki riverside after having a sauna session.

Elves’ Village Riverside Sauna is a traditional, log cabin riverside sauna, with a large wood-burning stove that gives off gentle steam on Fridays. The Elves' Village's beautiful surroundings create the kind of atmosphere that makes you stop and just enjoy the moment.

Sammun-Tupa smoke sauna is heated with Finnish birches, creating gentle steam where you can relax alone, with friends or family. You can take a dip in the open-air ice swimming hole during your sauna session. The smoke sauna heats up on Monday and Thursday evenings by the Ounasjoki river.

If you would like to try a Lappish amusement spa and various water activities, then head to Levi Spa in the centre of Levi. This unique spa features 17 large and small indoor and outdoor pools, a water slide, a swimming pool and various saunas.

2. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Arctic drum

This new experience is felt all the way to the soul. Calm your mind by lying on a soft reindeer skin rug, while the blaze of the fire warms your body, and listening to the gentle drum playing. The magic of Lapland is ever so present in this experience when the vibration of the drum relaxes your body and makes it easy to rest for a moment.

Experience the magic, and mystical family stories of Lapland as a descendant of the great witch Torajainen plays the drum.

3. Dinner delivered directly to your door

Sometimes it's lovely when someone else makes the food for you. Suppose you want a nice and easy evening that gives you time to relax and lie down in front of the fireplace and read a good book, for example. In that case, you can also order food directly from where you're staying. Levi Black delivers your chosen delicacies right to your door and your night of relaxation is ready to begin.

4. Go on a reindeer sleigh ride or horseback ride in search of the Northern Lights

On dark winter evenings, the moon and thousands of stars shine bright. Even the Northern Lights may glow in the skies of Lapland Embark on a Northern Lights Riding Adventure. Ride through the amazing fell scenery and admire the beautiful nature of Lapland all around you.

Go on a quiet reindeer sleigh ride where you can enjoy the darkness of the forest, the unique lights and colours, and hear the sounds of the winter forest around you. Weather permitting, you can even admire the lights and shadows of the winter night, the glow of the moon, the twinkling stars, and the playful Northern Lights. You will get to know the reindeer more closely and feed them lichen during the programme. You can also try to lasso a wooden reindeer statue on the swamp. You can stop for a break and enjoy an evening meal by the open file and admire the Arctic night sky during your ride. 

5. Take a trip into a winter fantasy world

A unique adventure park Arcandia has opened in Levi and is sure to charm you. The light and smoke special effects of the park and the world of music will make you feel as if you have just walked into an epic fantasy, adventure, action movie.

Arcandia is located approximately 8.5km from the centre of Levi at Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, 99130 Sirkka. You can get there either by car (free parking is available), downhill skiing (Lift 7B), cross-country skiing or even snowmobile.