Levi's surprising summer
Joulupukin mökki

Levi's surprising summer

Many Finns have visited Lapland in the winter, but Levi's summer is often less known. It was a big surprise when a family of four from central Finland came to Levi for the first time in the summer. The family’s love for Levi and Lapland deepened to a whole new level. Now the family has their own holiday home in the centre of Levi.

The family travelled to Levi for the first time in the summer of 2017, when the whole family joined in to support their father, who was competing in the Finnish enduro mountain biking championship in Levi. Initially, Pia was a little hesitant about the trip until she started booking accommodation in Levi.

“I started looking for suitable accommodation for us and found that the accommodation is really affordable. We got to rent a holiday home at a really affordable price in a good location in the centre of Levi. The kids were five and eight at the time, and before the holiday, I wondered how we could come up with a whole week of things to do while their dad was competing. There was a preconception that Levi is quiet in the summer, that things are not open, and there are a lot of mosquitoes. But all of these assumptions were completely false”, says Pia (mother).

The family had previously visited Levi several times in the winter, but the summer was a whole new experience. The week-long holiday went fast, and there was plenty to do from morning to night.

“Our family's absolute favourite activities were the summer toboggan run and spending the evenings in the spa. The children also liked the traffic park and the whole Activity Park area where we spent a lot of time there. The following summer, we already booked a longer holiday in Levi, so we had more time to do things”, says Pia.

Last summer, the whole family took the Gondola 2000 lift to the top and drove down to the new Village Trail. There is a route that is more than four kilometres long with a long descent downhill and stunning scenery. It is an easy route that can be driven by anyone safely.

“At first, everyone was a little bit nervous about what this trip would be like. On the second day there, however, we already dared to bike ride the entire route from top to bottom, and that one is definitely one of our favourites. The whole family stopped by Café Palovartija and enjoyed the stunning scenery. My husband and I also rode our bikes in the fell, so we took the lift up and circled the fell back down to the village. It was kind of nice going bike riding for us. Taking your bike up the lift is fun and easy Even if you are not in good shape, there is a suitable route for everyone and the mountain scenery is easily accessible even in summer”, says Pia. 

This summer, the family is heading to Levi and plans to try something new again as they prepare to check out Levi’s disc golf courses for the first time. The courses are suitable for both beginners and those who are more interested in it as a sport, and they are free to use around the clock.

“We haven’t tried disc golf yet, and it’s on our list. We like Levi in the summer so much that we decided to buy our own holiday home here. It is wonderful to have our own place in Levi now because there are a lot of events here, and things are open even in the summer”, Pia goes on to say.