Like in the movies
like in the movies

like in the movies

Like in the movies


Director – Teppo Airaksinen
Premiere – 2015


- The intersection of the road encircling Levi and the Utsuvaarantie road was the location for the scene where the main characters hit a lorry with their car. Jani Ylipahkala, the entrepreneur behind the Levi Rally Center, crushed the car the day before using his tractor.


- There are several scenes that are filmed in Hotel Panorama’s lobby, bar and roof. I remember on the day we were shooting it was raining and it was really windy. At some point we had to attach the lighting gear with ropes so it wouldn't get swept away by the wind.


Director – Mika Kaurismäki
Premiere – September 2019


- The local shop, restaurant and gas station of the Raattama village play a central part in the film. They embody the Kaurismäki atmosphere, it’s as if time is standing still. When you drive there, buy an ice-cream or a coffee from the shop, sit on the bench and enjoy the village ambience. I heard they are setting up a small museum in the shop. The film company will be sending photos port-raying the making of the movie.


- There is a spot where boats are lowered in the Pallasjärvi lake. This is where they shot the scene where the three main characters set off to spend the evening on a raft. It was 25°C, the lake was completely still and accordion music was playing. Vesa-Matti Loiri and Kari Väänänen – famous Finnish actors – were wiping their tears after the scene as there was something magical about that place and that moment. The Chinese film star Chu Pak Hong said he has never cried after wrapping up filming but here he felt really emotional.


Director – Kojiro Hashimoto
Premiere – 2019


- This is a story about a seriously ill Japanese woman who travels to Finland to see the Aurora Borealis. Hotel Taivaanvalkeat was the location for the romantic movie. The filming took a couple of weeks and the hotel was used for both interior and exterior scenes. There was one exceptionally beautiful scene that was filmed near a sauna by the Ounasjoki river. A circular light was placed on the ice and the main couple was embracing inside it as the northern lights were glowing across the sky.

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