LIV and Levi Bike Fest create a fun biking event for women

LIV and Levi Bike Fest create a fun biking event for women

Welcome into the world of biking where feminine energy, community and passion are aflame! The heart of Levi Bike Fest, Lapland’s largest biking event, beats in sync with LIV. LIV is a brave pioneer being the first biking brand in the world dedicated totally to women. Here women are at the forefront creating an unforgettable biking experience.

LIV’s inspiring manner of approach to biking strengthens communal feeling, trains skills and offers professional guidance. In the program of Levi Bike Fest beginners in biking have been taken into consideration through the organisation of easy to approach downhill mountain biking training events and a bicycle maintenance course which gives one the basics on how to manage on the trail for example in the case of a tyre deflating. The trails in mountain biking can be lengthy and help far away if a chain breaks for example. Even with the female-centric LIV partnership aspect of the event everyone interested in biking is welcome to come along!

LIV is more than just a bicycle brand – it is a power that encourages women to break boundaries and dream big. Every single LIV bicycle and piece of equipment has been carefully designed by women, so each detail reflects deep understanding of the needs and wishes of feminine cyclist. This is biking at its best, when design and passion combine to bring forth perfect balance between enjoying biking and performance.

-I enjoy my own e-bike Intrigue X E-model immensely. Currently I have the only carbon fibre model of this bike in Finland. LIV really takes all the basics and small details into consideration in regards to women when designing their bikes and that is why they are so great to ride, says Emma Kimiläinen, LIV ambassador and a race driver.

The popularity of e-bikes has skyrocketed due to electric assistance making many aspects so much easier.  

-Our most popular rental bike is definitely the e-mountain bike. Many look for ease of use and want to bikeup the fell as well as come down it. Women are much more interested in the sport nowadays, especiallywhen it comes to e-bikes. Bikes created by LIV represent this market perfectly. We offer a wide selection ofbikes and aim to offer the perfect match for each customer, says Tuomas Tähtinen, supervisor of Levi SkiResort bike rental.

Emma Kimiläinen enjoys the speed and agility that e-mountain bikes offer.

-I bike downhill with my e-bike too. The bike is very agile going up and when coming down with speed. E-bike offers higher speeds since I love to pedal hard and keep my pulse high. When speed increases and newthings pop up faster along the trail it is great training for my professional skills. I do seek adrenaline and the thrill of speed, continues Emma Kimiläinen.

Each push on the pedal is a possibility to overcome yourself

Lapland is a biking paradise which is offers challenges and high speeds even for those already more experienced in the sport. Levi has been developing biking for a long time now and this summer Bike Park opens another new trail. Downhill biking is a fantastic way to hone your skills which are also used on normal cross country biking trails. Within biking one has many opportunities for feelings of success, whether it is handling a very tricky trail with lots of tree roots or a steep curve when coming downhill.

LIV aims to encourage more women to take part in biking, competitions and decision making. They work together with women in all levels of the industry all over the world to create bikes and biking as a sport even better. According to studies conducted by LIV a large portion of women feel more comfortable and effective riding a bike that was specifically designed for women. LIV creates bikes with the female anatomy and physiology in mind.

-I bike in the Enduro MTB Finnish championships in the e-bike class using my Intrigue X E+ model. Its size and geometry make it nimbler than my previous bikes. LIV takes the height of the person and even the length of their arms into consideration with bike design. The feeling of community where everyone is welcome with LIV is fantastic, says Salla Päkkilä from Rovaniemi.

Salla and Jasmin Kansikas have created the MTB-collective, Powered by LIV Cycling, which works withmountain biking.

-We really want to create a good feeling incompetitions and invite everyone to train with us, come askquestions and simply to have fun. The goal is to encourage more girls and women to take part in the sportand in competitions, says Jasmin Kansikas.

Jasmin from Hämeenkyrö is a so-called all-rounder in biking since she takes part in pretty much all forms ofit. She uses LIV’s Pique Advanced and Intrigue. The secret to biking according to Jasmin is in its endlessimprovement possibilities.

- I like to ride uphill and downhill and really put myself to the test. I am competitive, but winning is not the be-all and end-all, the most important thing is exceeding yourself. I have been biking and competing since i wasten, when i joined a road bicycle race, says Jasmin who lives in Hämeenkyrö.

Levi Bike Fest will host two downhill camps where everyone interested in the sport can takepart to hone their biking position and technique regardless of skill level.

Levi Bike Fest and LIV create a unique biking community that calls upon you to come and enjoy amazing feminine energy.