A cyclist's dream destination: Route tips for Levi's trails and roads
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A cyclist's dream destination: Route tips for Levi's trails and roads

Levi is an excellent destination for a biking holiday. Stunning nature, varied routes and good services make it an unforgettable experience for cyclists of all levels.

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Whether you're looking for a competitive sport or a quiet getaway in nature, there's something for everyone in Levi. Take a closer look at our selection of tips for cyclists!

MTB: A tour around Kätkä and Pyhä fells

This 24-kilometre tour around Kätkä and Pyhä Fells offers true experiences for beginners and more experienced cyclists alike. The route passes through pine and mixed forests and bogs and returns to the centre of Levi along the shores of Immeljärvi.

The tour includes nice climbs and descents and flatter terrain. Along the route there are several huts or lean-tos where you can enjoy a break and a snack. Along the way you can admire the varied terrain and spot natural wonders.

If you want to add more challenge and length to your mountain bike ride in Levi, you can continue for another 19 kilometres around Levitunturi after the Levi and Pyhä loop. Another recommended option is to head from Kätkä and Pyhä towards Aakenus and, if you have enough strength, all the way to Ylläs.

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Please note:

  • The route may be wet in places after the rain, so be prepared for this.

  • Choose your breaks carefully, as mosquitoes are least likely to bother you in open and windy places.

  • Make sure your skills, lungs and thighs are strong enough when heading towards Ylläs.

Road cycling: ascent to Pallas and around Lake Jeris

This 125-kilometre route offers a spectacular cycling experience in Tunturi-Lappi. The route runs from Levi to Pallas Hotel and back, including several lung- and thigh-shattering climbs. The route's spectacular scenery, however, makes up for all the pain and effort.

This route is suitable for experienced cyclists looking for a challenge and a great experience. The route starts from Levi to Rauhala and continues to the Pallashotel. On the way back you cycle around Jerisjärvi, from the village of Särkijärvi you turn back towards Levi.

If your own condition and stamina are in doubt, you can get a good workout for the bike ride by practising the ascent in Levi. The road loop around Levi is 20 kilometres long, including the wild Utsu climb. You can also get a "nice" 4 km climb by cycling to the top of Levitunturi.

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Please note:

  • The route is a demanding, long-distance cycling section of the Levi Extreme Triathlon, and is suitable for experienced cyclists.

  • Bring snacks and water, as there are no services directly along the route.

  • The weather in Lapland can change rapidly, so be prepared for this.

Touring - Bike packing - Gravel: Villages of Kittilä

For those who enjoy the freedom of cycling, it is advisable to pick up a map and connect interesting destinations according to your interests. For example, the many different villages in a large municipality offer an interesting experience. There's easily enough to see even for an overnight bike ride.

For example, you can cycle 190 kilometres north from Levi. The loop to Enontekiö leads via Köngäs to Tepasto and via Pulju and Nunnanen to Raattama. The Punainenhiekka after Lake Pallasjärvi and the return to Levi via Majavaoja add variety to the trip. The right mix of tarmac, gravel roads and guaranteed spectacular scenery.

It is possible to make a shorter version of the route, for example by biking from Tepasto directly to Raattama. For those who have lost their hearts to gravel, it is a good idea to explore the many possibilities offered by the maps also directly nearer Levi.

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Please note:

  • Be prepared for possible tyre and bike breakdowns, carry the necessary spare parts and tools with you.

  • Please note that there are few services in the villages along the route.

  • If the weather is good, pack swimming gear for the trip.

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