Summer family holiday | Levi

Summer Family Holiday

Carefree and fun summer holidays in Levi. There are plenty of things to do in the fells, and all the village amenities are close by.

Summer Family holidays in Levi

You can experience the magic and Arctic North summer atmosphere with the whole
family. Guided and self-guided activities in Lapland’s nature provide wonderful
experiences that you will remember for a long time.

We’ve listed a few ideas suitable for families and children of all ages below. The Levi Tourist Information Centre will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation, provide more information on summer activities and service opening hours. Phone: + 358 16 639 3300, e-mail:, address: Myllyjoentie 2, 99130 Levi.


There are small rapids called ‘Köngäs koski’ located less than 10 km from Levi in the
Köngäs village where children over 10 years old get to test their courage by going down the rapids in a car tyre! A guide is on the trip throughout the rapid rafting.

Levi has two beautiful beaches, and Kittilä has a third one. Levi’s beaches are by the lake, and you can swim in the Ounasjoki river in Kittilä.

What better way to spend the day than going fishing in the beautiful lake scenery! Fishing permits can be purchased from numerous places in Levi, but if you forgot to bring your own fishing rod, no problem! You could take the whole family on a guided fishing trip to Kivijärvi.

If dogs are close to your family’s heart, then go pet some happy huskies all year round. Guided summer and autumn excursions for the whole family can be found at

Go and spend a nice day at the Elves’ Experience Village with the whole family. Upon arrival, an Elf greets the guests and gives them a secret map to follow, which takes you through Experience Forest. Let the real-life fairy tale in Lapland begin!

The experiences at the Activity Park by the Gondola 2000 lift guarantee fun days for any age right under the Arctic sun and surrounded by fells.

The following activities are available at the Activity Park:

Bike park
Adventure park 
Traffic park 
A gaming area for football (soccer), basketball, and boules
Trampoline park 
Pump track course
Skate park 
Mini golf course 
Tennis court

You can find a memorable summer sled experience for the whole family on the Front Slopes (Eturinteet). The frisbee golf courses in Levi fell are accessible 24 hours a day, and the B1
fairway is very suitable for families.

Express and the Gondola 2000 observation lifts also transport you to the stunning scenery of Levi during the warmer seasons. The lifts are also suitable for people with prams or wheelchairs. Lift travel for children under 6 years old travel is free provided they are
accompanied by apaying adult.  TheTop Path/Huippupolku is at the top and is less than 1 km long, is easy to navigate, and can be admired by wheelchair users and families
with children in prams.

There is also a fire pit along the top path, where you can cook sausages. There is a
second fire pit on Huippupolku, which is a little down further on the West
chairlift line, Huipunkota.

The hut in Levitunturi, Lammaskuru, is also open in summer. The hut is at the bottom of lift station number 12. There is another hut at the bottom of lift station 6, which is also open in summer. Both destinations can be reached on foot, by bike or by car, almost just next door.

The Activity Park also has a barbecue shed/hut open during the park's opening

It is also worth going to Korkeaniemi laavu to enjoy the fire pit. It is nice and easy to get to the destination even with small children, as it is about 1 km from the centre along a well-maintained dirt road.

Ruoppaköngäs is also a fun place to visit with children. The place is located about 22 km from Sirka towards Muonio. There is a parking lot on the left side of Muoniotie (the sign reads Ruoppaköngäs), Ruoppaköngäs is located 200 metres from the road.  The path is partly rocky and covered by tree roots but very short (200m), there you will find cliffs, a fell pond, and a waterfall.