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Nainen lumikenkäily kevät

The best of spring winter

The best of spring winter in Levi

Spring winter condenses the best of the whole winter and is the golden time to spend your days outdoors. The amount of light increases rapidly in the spring. It is already bright at the time of the cock crowing and the evening only gets dark after the evening news. You don’t have to rush out if you want to be on the move during the daylight hours. You will have all day to enjoy your time outdoors in the sun and do the things you want, whenever you feel like it.

the best of spring

For the skiers, the magnificent and long network of cross-country skiing trails is completely open in the spring. Also all the slopes and lifts are open, under the warming sun. Good sunglasses and strong enough sunscreen are necessary, as the sun shines all day long and the snow reflects light.

The snow is at its deepest at the turn of March-April, and the crusted snow makes it easy to walk on top of the snow. Slopes are open until 8th of May - so skiing in still possible in May.

The rise in temperature in the spring winter makes the animals go around. Squirrels and hares run in the woods looking for food as well as a suitable suitor candidate and the birdsong accompanies your own outing. Whether you like to sit in one place for a longer period of time or move at your own pace by foot, with snowshoes, skies or for example on bike, you'll feel togetherness with the animals of Lapland while they keep minding their own businesses.


Enjoy your own time and do what you love. It is much more fun to spend the day in the sun outdoors than to sit inside. Have you ever been ice fishing, for example? When you sit on the ice of the lake, warm up by the sun and have a good lunch and a hot drink with you, you will live in a moment. And when you arrive at the cabin, you might bring your catch for dinner.

All of the services in Levi are open during the best spring months. Whether you want to eat out or cook your own food in your accommodation, you will find the services you need.