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When children are having good time - parents are having good time too.

Top 6 things for kids

Levi is full of fun things for children, we listed 6 of them here.

1. Leevilandia and Kids' Land

Easy slopes for juniors, Kids' Land and Leevilandia, ski school for kids, yummy food and new friends. It all begins here!

2. Elves Village

Step into Lapland’s living fairy tale!  No on is too old for fairytales. The Elves’ Experience Village is a well-known and attractive tourist destination based on stories and mythology, filled with fun activities and open all year round. The allure of the Elves’ Experience Village is based on stories, fairy tales, culture, fantasy and mythology. It is nature’s own amusement park. The destination combines two strong travel trends: nature and cultural tourism.

3. Meet the locals

Who could resist a cute husky, or say no for a reindeer sleigh ride?

4. Huts and lean-to-shelters

Children would love to go to grill the sausages or marshmallows by the open fire. It's fun and something you wouldn't do every day at home, right?

5. Pancake house

Everybody loves pancakes, isn't that true? Sweet or savory pancake at the Levi Pancake House would make your day!

6. Last, but not least. The Levi Spa!

Swimming, sauna and fun games by the pool! Going to sauna and swimming after day outdoors is a wonderful experience! Welcome to Levi Hotel Spa!