Viktoria Mullova ❤ Levi
Mullova and Barley

Viktoria Mullova ❤ Levi

Star violinist's deep connection with Levi.

International star violinist Viktoria Mullova arrives at the restaurant at Tonttula, throws off her woolly scarf and sits down at the table. When asked how she and her family have liked their time at Levi, her answer is swift and without further explanation:

“Levi is like home to us,” says Mullova.

Viktoria Mullova is a visiting star in January 2023 at Särestöniemi Chamber Orchestra, this time visiting with her partner, cellist Matthew Barley. Mullova has had a regular spot at the chamber concerts in Särestöniemi, this being the tenth time of doing so. Mullova and her family have become fascinated with the nature of Lapland and of Levi itself - in their opinion the conditions for downhill skiing are excellent. This is why they love to return to Levi over and over again.

“We have been here multiple times. The first time I was at Levi was in 1997. After that, my family and I have spent many Christmas, Easter and April holidays here. Our best memories are from here. January is a fantastic time of year. We like the cold and frosty weather, the amount of snow and just the sheer beauty of nature,” says Mullova.

Russian violinist Viktoria Mullova studied in the Moskov Central School of Music and Moskov Conservatory led by Leonid Koganin. Her exceptional talent got international attention when she won the Jean Sibelius Violin Competition in 1980 and the international Tšaikovski Competition in 1982. From then on Viktoria Mullova has performed with the top orchestras and conductors as well as on large international festivals.

Star violinist Viktoria lives with her family in London where life can be very hectic. It was very close once that their home could have been at Levi instead.

“We seriously considered moving here permanently about 20 years ago. That is how much we love Levi. Unfortunately we have to travel a lot for work and it is a longer journey from here to go on work trips and on holidays so moving here ended up being just a dream. During our holidays at Levi we spend lovely family moments together downhill skiing, playing games and just enjoying the lack of rush,” says Mullova.

With our interview over we step outside of the restaurant and into the cold frosty air; she takes a deep breath in, looks up at the sky and looks around her.

“I love this. Again we have enjoyed being here so much and Hotel Taivaanvalkeat, where we stay, is a wonderful place for a family to stay in,” says Mullova before returning to her family.