Whisked away by huskies
Husky keväthanget

Whisked away by huskies

Levi has over 500 huskies and other sled dogs. Enjoy the ride!

TWO SLEDS have been prepared on the grounds of All Huskies and the dogs are harnessed, bouncing and ready to charge ahead. All eager to get moving. 

– Remember to keep your feet and hands inside the sled, we’re about to take off, says, a safari guide at All Huskies. 

Hannu commands the dogs – “Dieseli, get back in line” – and the sled sets off! The runners slide nicely along the icy snow polished by the spring sun. 

Even though spring is in the air, you feel the biting breeze sitting in the sled. The dogs are running in front of you and you are whisked through the forest. The speed and the gliding turns make your stomach muscles tighten up. 

The sled appears from the dense woods into the vast open wilderness. The landscape takes your breath away. Tiny coniferous trees covered by the snow with the spring sun in the horizon painting the scenery pale yellow. 

Dieseli and the rest of the pack follow each and every order of the guide. It is such a smooth ride – a thoroughly enjoyable experience! 

A husky ride is great fun for families with children! Levi activities offers organised husky trips by different companies!