Visma Ski Classic Ylläs-Levi

Visma Ski Classics Ylläs-Levi 9.4.2022

General information


Welcome to experience a unique cross-country skiing challenge Ylläs-Levi on April 9th,
2022 in Fell Lapland.  The race courses go through the beautiful Lappish fell scenery in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park from Ylläsjärvi, Äkäslompolo, Kukastunturi, Pyhäjärvi and finally heading to Levi.

The 70km race is a challenging and rewarding course with longer climbs and easier flats
through the artic birch forest. 55 km starts in Äkäslompolo and leaving out the climb before Kätkänlaavu.

New distance, 55 km Duo Challenge. This is Ylläs-Levi 55 km distance divided for two skiers. First one skies from Äkäslompolo to Pyhäjärvi, the other one from Pyhäjärvi to Levi. Bus transportation is included in the price and is organised for the second skier from Äkäslompolo to Pyhäjärvi, and for the first skier from Pyhäjärvi to finish line in Levi.

The finish are locates in front of the front slopes of Levi on Hissitie 8, right next to Zero Point rental store.

There will be about 1000 skiers to participate. Spectators are expected both along the route and to the finish, tickets will not be sold. The event will be televised internationally.

PROGRAM SAT 9.4.2022

8:35 Departure of PRO men, Sport Resort Ylläs (Ylläsjärvi)
8:40 Departure of PRO women, Sport Resort Ylläs
9:00 Departure of other participants, Sport Resort Ylläs
9:30 Children's ski race on the ice of Lake Äkäslompolo, all children under 10 are
9:30 The first skiers at Kotamaja
10:30 The first skiers at Aakenuspirtti
10:30 55 km and the start of the Duo Challenge in Äkäslompolo
11:30 The first skiers at the finish
10:30 -18:00 Event market open in the Levi finish area
18:00 The race closes


Levi –Ylläs Ski Resort, Ylläsjärvi 10 eur at 6:45
Levi – Jounin Kauppa, Äkäslompolo 10 eur at 8:30
Levi – Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi – Jounin Kauppa, Äkäslompolo 10 eur at 16:30, 17:30 and 19:00
Departure at Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti.
Payment in advance to the race office on Friday or in the morning to the Ylläs-Levi bus member at departure area. 

Jounin Kauppa – Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi 5 eur (Ylläs Express) at 7:30
Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi – Eelin Kauppa – Jounin Kauppa 5 eur (Ylläs Express) at 8:15
Eelin Kauppa – Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi – Jounin Kauppa, Äkäslompolo (Tunturilinjat) at 9:15

Information for skiers at


The event will cause special traffic arrangements in the area. At Levi Center the road
Hissitie is closed on Thursday 7.4. 7 a.m. - Saturday, April 9, 2022, 8 p.m., at which time the dismantle will begin. The closing time will end no later than 24:00.

The race route runs from Ylläs to Levi following Kittilä side ski track to Kalliokoski - intersection 158 - intersection 159 (Aakenuspirtti) - intersection 150 (Vuolittaman Hirvikämppä) - intersection 149 - Pyhätunturi southern upper crossing - intersection 138 - intersection 137 (Kätkanlaavu) - Vilttojänkkä - intersection 132 - intersection 131 North of Ahvenjärvi -intersection 1 15 - Koutamaa - Levi Center

Due to competition, the following restrictions have been placed on the route:

• Skating style skiing is banned on the competition route from 8.4.2022 at 18:00 to 9.4.2022 at 18:00

• Skiing is prohibited on the competition route from Levi to Ylläs for the entire route on

The bus services will be changed on 7.04.2022 at 7.00 so that all traffic will take place along Leviraitti.

The long-distance bus transfer stop from the Spa side of Hissitie is transferred to Leviraitti on the Skimbaajankuja side. The second stop for long-distance bus transfers on the side of the Alpine Houses (Alppitalot) will be placed at the local transfer bus stop on the other side of Leviraitti road on Sirkantähti hotel´s side.

The Ski bus also runs on the special route: Hissitie - Leviraitti - Rakkavaarantie - Hissitie - Levinkuve - Laaksotie - Ylä-Levintie - Rakkavaarantie.
Ski buses are
the only ones that run around Levinkuve after the construction site.

Public parking areas at Hissitie are reserved for race crew on 7.-9.4.2022

The rescue traffic of Levi Center and connections to the properties during the race operate via Keskuskuja, Mariankuja and Ratsastajankuja.

The dismantle of the event will take place immediately after the race on Saturday, April 9,


Public and skiers parking areas are ski resorts parking area at the Ylläsjärvi starting
point. Äkäslompolo's starting point is next to Jounin kauppa (Jouni´s super market), where there is a limited number of parking spaces. Traffic control must be observed. Parking is allowed in the yard of Jounin kauppa ONLY for shop customers, not for the race audience!

Traffic and parking will be congested, so it’s worth arriving on time! Traffic and parking
are controlled by specially trained personnel.
There are private parking spaces reserved for elite tour skiers, follow the traffic


Ylläs-Levi ski-race can be seen on social media. The latest race news and posts can be
followed on Facebook and Instagram. We are happy if you use the #yllaslevi tag when
sharing photos of the event. On the event website you will find  more information about the arrangements.


At Ylläs

1. 70km starting point, Ylläsjärvi

The starting point is at Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi. It is possible to follow the departure right next to the departure area.

2. Äkäslompolo: Landscape locations Keskisenlaki and Kellostapuli

You can go hiking in the scenic places of Keskisenlaen and Kellostapuli, for example on
snowshoes. In addition to the spectacular mountain views, you can follow the competitors skiing along the beautiful Kellostapulinkuru. A suitable route over the fells starts from the backyard of the Nature Center Kellokas.

3. Ski Resort Äkäslompolo and Ihmisen Rinki

Ski Resort Äkäslompolo and the Ihmisen Rinki parking lots provide easy access along the
route to encourage competitors. The first service point of 70 km is located at the entrance to the Ihmisen Rinki and another good option to feel the atmosphere is from the terrace of the Jokeri pub.

4. 55 km starting point and 70 km sprint, Äkäslompolo lake

On the ice of Äkäslompolo-lake is the starting point of 55 km and the first sprint of 70 km. There is plenty of room on the ice to spread along the route to encourage competitors. There is also a children’s ski competition in the area at 09:30.

On the course

5. With snowshoes or on a Fatbike over Kukastunturi

You can start admiring the scenery of Kukastunturi, for example, on snowshoeing or on a
fatbike. You can walk along Kukastunturi along the winter path.

6. Skiing, snowshoeing or Fatbike to the track café Kotamaja

Kotamaja is a well-known trail café, from the terrace and courtyard of which you can watch
the competition and have a cup of hot beverage. There are many different routes to Kotamaja. You can get to the cottage, for example, on a fatbike or snowshoes along the winter trails.

7. Skiing at Aakenuspirtti, by a car or a skidoo

At Aakenuspirtti, you can watch and skiers and enjoy the products of the Aakenuspirtti café. You can get there either by skiing from Totovaara or by car, the drive is about 35 km from Ylläs and Levi. There is a 2.5 km route from the yard to the Levi-Muonio official snowmobile route.

8. Kätkä’s lean to shelter

Kätkä's shed is located next to Kätkätunturi, along the Ylläs-Levi route. You can get
there by skiing and enjoy café´s tasty products. You can get to Kätkä's shed by following the Kätkäjärvi route, which starts from the shore of Lake Immeljärvi and the distance will be 8.8 km - 10.4. km, depending on where in Immeljärvi you go. Enjoy stunning forest and lake views on your ski trip.

At Levi

9. The finish area at Levi
Come and watch an exciting final fight in the center of Levi, right next to the finish line. All the services are next to you, not forgetting the event market and there is also a big screen where it is easy to follow the progress of the race throughout the day.