It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

A Southern holiday

Published: 19.09.2014

The South pistes have been long-term favourites among many visitors to the Levi ski resort. This season offers new and improved conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

Against the picturesque backdrop of Lapland's white nights and green hills, a construction crew was busy creating a new 'ski centre within a ski centre' in Levi in the summer of 2014. The new area was built with the needs of beginners and families with children in mind.

In the 2014–2015 season, skiers can enjoy a ride on a chair lift to the top of the South pistes. The covered six-seater lift comes with all the modern comforts: heated seats, a plastic bubble for wind protection, and a conveyor belt to make getting on the lift easier. The pistes also offer new features, such as a considerably wider 8.4 run that allows skiers to make much wider turns when coming down the hill.

The South pistes will also have their own Kids' Land (one is also located near the Front pistes). A safe, covered carpet lift will take beginners just far enough, not too high, to give these future skiers an opportunity to safely practice turns, stops and other ski basics.

Continued service improvement

It's not just the lifts and pistes that have been revamped. The South piste ski resort will have an entirely rebuilt service centre with a rental service, ticket office, Levi.Shop, ski school, a larger restaurant, and a daycare service for small children.

– We've thought through how to ensure the comfort of families with children from the moment of their arrival, says Jouni Palosaari, Managing Director of Levi Ski Resort. A car park for families with extra wide parking spaces is located right next to Kids' Land, providing easy access to the pistes or the rental shop.

– We plan to use the 700 square-metre chair lift storage as a break room for customers during the day. The large windows look directly over Kids' Land, allowing parents to sit down and relax while their kids continue skiing.

Safe adventures for everyone

– The South pistes have always been a favourite of our foreign customers. Their long and gently sloping pistes offer a safe and pleasant experience for skiers of all levels, Palosaari explains.

Improvements were made in response to customer feedback which requested a chair lift, as many felt the ride to the top on a T-bar lift was difficult and uncomfortable. The customers will undoubtedly also appreciate shorter queues, as the new lift will significantly increase the resort's lift capacity.

– The new, modern look and larger service offering will enable us to meet customers' needs and international demand in particular. In the future, a wider range of experiences will be available in Levi with just one lift pass, Palosaari continues.

The South piste area is conveniently connected to other pistes. For instance, the base station of the gondola lift is directly accessible from the hilltop station of the new lift. As the skiers become more confident, they can leave the South pistes and swoosh down the famous World Cup run.

More to come!

The South piste area overhaul project began back in 2000, following an earthmoving project at the base station of the old lift. Many of the improvements completed for the winter season were in the pipeline back then, but it took until now to turn them into reality.

The building work was carried out by local people, who put their backs into the work with enthusiasm. There was no shortage of work, as the area to be built was enormous. This overhaul project has, in fact, been the biggest single investment in the company's history.

Although many of the improvements will be available to customers this season, development work will continue. Improvements are on the drawing board for summer 2015, such as the relocation of the poma lift closer to Kids' Land and the construction of a new and bigger Snow Park on the left side of the Sun Lift.

– All of these improvements will truly make the South pistes a ski resort within a ski resort.

Chair lift facts:

  • Capacity 3,000 persons per hour
  • 99 six-seater modules
  • Speed 5 metres per second
  • Elevation 282.3 metres
  • Length 1711.3 metres
  • Ride to the top takes about 5.5 minutes

South pistes in numbers:

  • The size of the South pistes service building 1,200 sq.m.
  • Length of the construction site 1.8 km
  • Width of the 8.4 piste 50-60 metres, automatic snowmaking
  • Total project costs EUR 11 million

Author: Johanna Still