It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Bucket List for a Summer in Levi


The summer in Levi offers endless experiences, whether you are an adventurer, someone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest or are travelling with your family to experience the Lappish summer. The nightless night lasting from the end of May until the end of July doubles the hours in your holiday days. The sun does not set at all, so you can spend time outside any time of day! This is something unique which you cannot experience anywhere else.

On our bucket list we have gathered 9 experiences to not miss while holidaying in Levi. How many of these will you do?

santa's cabin

Built as a film set for the movie Christmas Story, Santa’s Cabin is situated on the Levi fell within the most picturesque scenery. The iconic Santa’s Cabin is one of the most photographed sights here in Levi. The cabin can be reached on foot from the Gondola2000 lift’s top station. While going up the fell and looking to the right the cabin can already be seen from the lift. From the bottom station of the Gondola2000 lift, from the foot of the fell, there’s also a path leading up the fell to the Peak hut – Huipunkota -from where a quite steep 200m long ascend leads straight to Santa’s Cabin. The paths require normal physical condition and good, sturdy shoes.

Hiking at Midnight

Spending time outside during the nightless nights of summer is something not to be missed. During the night the light is completely different compared to daytime and the atmosphere under the midnight sun is something magical. It feels like you are in the middle of a fairy tale. The silence during the night is something calming as if nature itself has quieted down for the night.

Stairs & Samiland Exhibition Centre

The Levi fell, and the Hotel Levi Panorama can also be reached by climbing up the stairs leading up from the bottom of the fell right next to the Front Slope. 766 steps make sure the ascend is an exercise. After reaching the top of the stairs take a break to admire the view over the Levi village or go visit the Samiland Exhibition Centre to learn about the culture of the only indigenous people of Europe, the Sami.

The Top of Kätkä Fell

The Kätkä fell is situated behind the Immeljärvi lake right by the Levi Centre. There are no ski lifts on the fell and it has been left in its natural state. From the Levi Centre up to the summit it is approximately 4 km one way, thus the Kätkä trail is very fitting for a day trip. The trail up to the summit is steep in places, covered in natural stones and roots. Wear sturdy shoes, bring enough to drink and summit Kätkä fell! After reaching the top there’s a campfire place to grill some well-earned sausages while enjoying the surrounding vistas.

Kumputunturi Fell

The Kumputunturi fell is the loneliest fell of all the fells in the Kittilä area. It is situated ca. 60 km from Levi towards Sodankylä. It is 581 m above sea level and in its old-growth woods you can find over 200year old pines and even rare species of animals and plants. On the top there’s an old fire guard’s hut with beautiful views over the surrounding areas. The hiking distance all the way to the top is approximately 4 km one way. The trail is stony, so good sturdy shoes are needed. The bottom of the fell can be reached by car or organised excursions can be inquired at the Levi Tourist Information.

The Activity Park area

The Levi Activity Park on the western side of the Levi fell is full of action all summer long until October! Downhill biking, adventures, great Lappish sceneries from the cabin lift, lots of activities for kids and spending time together while e.g. grilling.

The centre for rope adventures is situated next to a fell pond where you can find many high-rope courses from easy to more challenging. Having fun does not require any previous climbing or Adventure Park experience. The minimum height requirement for adventurers is 120 cm. There are different kinds of difficulty levels to choose the most suitable from. To be able to go to the higher rope courses, the training course -where security equipment received from the guides is used- needs to be passed first. There are two different kinds of training courses available. The lower course is 1,5 m high and the higher one reaches up to 3,5 m. The adventure courses will challenge you in different kinds of tasks with varying difficulty levels. The most challenging courses go high up to even 8 m or you can choose a lower course. During the courses you get to have fun with the zip lines, the longest ones reaching up to 70 m. In the Activity Park you can also experience a Base Jump, where you free fall from 12 m. At the Adventure Park there’s also a fantastic almost kilometre long Zip Line Marathon, during which tasks of the adventure courses can be performed. For the Zip Line Marathon, the required minimum height for adventurers is 150 cm and minimum weight is 45 kg. The Activity Park is open the whole summer until October.

Summer Sled Track

The Express lift at Levi’s Front Slope takes you from Zero Point to the top of Koutalaki, where the Congress – and Exhibition Centre Summit is located. An amazing view over the village of Sirkka all the way to the Särki-, Olos-, Pallas-, Sammal-, Keimiö- and Ounas fells opens. The difference in altitude between the lower and upper stations of the Express lift is 114 m. The lift ride is only 2 min. The summer sled track is a speedy way down. The speed can be adjusted as you go; either go down at a moderate pace while enjoying the view or rocket down at full throttle! The top speed can reach even 50 km/h. Sledges for either one or two persons are available. During rainy weather the track is closed for safety reasons.

See Levi from the Water

Levi is surrounded by water and it is possible to experience different kinds of water activities throughout the summer. Canoeing provides good exercise and is also an enjoyable way to move on the water. For the experienced paddlers Stand up Paddling brings more challenges, can you paddle while standing up on a SUP board? Adventurers can go down the river or for a ride with a jet ski. River rafting in a car inner tube is something you need to experience! For a calmer way to enjoy the beautiful local scenery, take a pontoon raft cruise along the lakes of Sirkkajärvi and Levijärvi and enjoy the views of the Levi and Kätkä fells.

Ride a Village Bike to Elves Village

The Elves Village with its charming Elf houses is located about 8 km from the Levi Centre. During a Summer Walk with the Elf in a Yellow Dress you will get to know the Elves Hideaway and the animals of the Elves Village. The village is easy to reach with Village Bikes which can be conveniently borrowed for free at several locations in the Levi Centre area.

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