It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Levi for Instagrammers: how to take the best photos?


Where to go, what to see and how to capture the best photos?

Some insight for Intagrammers to take the most memorable Levi holiday photos - share the magic with others!

1) Santa's Cabin

The most iconic site to take great photos in Levi is Santa's Cabin - a very well-known place from the movie "Christmas Story". The Cabin is easily reachable around the year. The Lappish fell scenery here is totally stunning.

Santa's Cabin is located between slopes number 11 and 13. The best way to spot the Cabin is from the gondola lift and from slope and T-bar lift number 11. On winter time you can easily glide to the cabin from slope number 11, just ski directly to the cabin when you see it on the right. The other option is to ski down the Levi World Cup slope (slope number 13) and take a tight turn to left after around 20 meters where the fence ends. Ski down from here until you see the cabin below you.

You can also walk or snow shoe to the cabin from the gondola lift using the instructions above. In summer time the cabin is reachable again from the gondola's top and bottom stations and as well from the marked Ice Age hiking trail.   


On winter time the sun sets behind the nearby Aakenus and Kätkä fells. Later on spring the sun sets behind Pallas fells.

The best place to capture sunset's magnificent colour spectacle is Levi fell and especially around restaurant Tuikku and the area between ski lifts number 5 and 12. Tuikku is easily reachable by car, on skis and on foot. Many winter walking routes also lead here. 

The best time to really feel and live the sunset's magic is 30 minutes before and after the sun sets. The sunrise and sunset times for the day in Levi can be found here.

If you are unable to attend and shoot the actual sunsets in real life you can easily watch and admire them live online from Tuikku's webcam


The Northern Lights season in Levi starts as early as in late August and continues until late April. The Northern Lights in Levi usually starts their enchanting dance at around 8 p.m. and according to statistics the best time to spot them is at midnight.

Henkilön JB Qorz (@qorz) jakama julkaisuJoulu 11, 2017 kello 11.24 PST

To see these amazing Northern Lights dark enough, clear sky and as little as possible light pollution is needed. You can once again use Tuikku's webcam to ensure that this magical natural phenomenon is visible before heading out. There is also a Northern Lights alert at that you can use.

The best spots in Levi to see the Northern Lights:

4) Reindeer

There are 12 000 reindeer in the Kittilä area and reindeer can be spotted in many places in and around Levi. 

With a hundred percent photo guarantee to spot these wonderful animals go to following places: 

5) Levi Fell

Have you seen how does the Levi fell look like from distance? Or taken photos from a different angle?

To take the most amazing photos from Levi fell you can go to Kätkätunturi fell. Good Levi photos can be taken from various places here, but best ones need a little bit more effort from you. From the summit of Kätkä fell you can see the glorious Levi fell but also many others like Pyhätunturi, Aakenus and all the way to once of a kind Pallas fells. A trip to Kätkä keeps you occupied for a whole day and guarantees unique photos and memories to remember.

Kätkä winter walking route is easily accessible from Levi Tourist Office or from nearby Immeljärvi lake. 


A must visit place for Instagrammers this winter has been the Lainio Snow Village and it'sGame of Thrones themed awe-inspiring ice sculptures.

Learn more about the Lainio Snow Village.

Have you already visited and taken photos from all of the above? Share your memories and photos in Instagram with #LeviLapland - @levilapland.

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