It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

First Snow on Levi Fell


Levi World Cup Course Preparations in Full Swing

This week, the Levi fell in Finnish Lapland got a brilliant white cover when first snow fell on the area. At Levi, preparations for the slalom season opener World Cup Levi, taking place on 11 - 12 November 2017, are going full speed ahead. Snow stored for the Levi Black slope gives the world cup race a full guarantee, and the organisers are now busy spreading the snow onto the slope from top to bottom. A beautiful delicate snow layer already covers the entire Levi fell, and in addition to the natural snow, snow cannons are just starting to produce even more of the white stuff.

On the second weekend of November, both men and women will be racing at the Arctic Circle for the first slalom points of this Alpine Skiing World Cup season. On race weekend, there will be at least half-a-metre of snow on the world cup course, i.e. the required amount for the race to be run. This year, Levi Ski Resort stored snow for the first time – and it turned out to be a successful experiment.

- In regards of storing, everything went as well as we expected. The quality of the snow revealed from under the tarpaulins was very good, and that snow is now being spread onto the world cup course. We will also be snowmaking on the world cup slope this and next week, and on October 28th we will be injecting water into the snow on the course to make it harder for the race. We are in a constant hurry, but very much on schedule, says Jouni Palosaari, Managing Director of Levi Ski Resort.

The weather forecast keeps changing, but the night-time temperatures at Levi should be below freezing over the weekend. In addition to the Levi Black slope, we have snowmaking processes going on also on the Front and South pistes as well as the Alpine Training Park.

- After the world cup race, many teams will stay on in Levi and train at the Alpine Training Park, where we now have a brand-new snowmaking system in operation, Jouni Palosaari continues.

- We look forward to World Cup Levi, and the Levi Winter Season Opening that same weekend, with peace of mind. Now that we have the stored snow and are snow-sure, hopefully people will come over to see the races live and enjoy the Levi atmosphere, Palosaari muses.

Levi’s Winter Season Opening coincides with the World Cup Levi weekend, and the resort aims to have its Front and South pistes open for skiers. Also, snowmaking on the first-snow cross-country skiing track will get underway as soon as temperatures stay below freezing both night and day. So, on the second weekend of November (9 - 12 Nov), Levi will be buzzing with a grand sporting event, unforgettable experiences and a wonderful & exotic Lapland-style programme.

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11.07.19 Cultural experiences in Levi

Kittilä and Levi have a lot to offer for culture lovers. Near Levi there is the chance to get to know the life works of many well-known local artists like Reidar Särestöniemi, Kalervo Palsa and Einari Junttila.

27.06.19 Private event around Hotel Hullu Poro between 11.-14.7., which may cause more noise than usual in the surrounding area.

There is a private event around Hotel Hullu Poro between 11.-14.7., which may cause more noise than usual in the surrounding area.

14.06.19 Water experiences in Levi area

Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and in the Levi area this can be seen clearly. Levi is surrounded by lakes and rivers and you can enjoy Levi from the water in many ways in the summer. Whether you want to relax on a pontoon ferry cruise calmly floating on the lakes or the action of river rafting, there is lots to do and unforgettable experiences await.

10.06.19 Visiting Levi with a Camper Van or Caravan

Summer time is the best time for travelling with a camper van or caravan. Making a stop in Levi is easy; there is a variety of services available and they are close by.

29.05.19 Bucket List for a Summer in Levi

The summer in Levi offers endless experiences, whether you are an adventurer, someone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest or are travelling with your family to experience the Lappish summer. The nightless night lasting from the end of May until the end of July doubles the hours in your holiday days. The sun does not set at all, so you can spend time outside any time of day! This is something unique which you cannot experience anywhere else.

10.04.19 Traffic arrangements during the Visma Ski Classics

TRAFFIC ARRANGEMENTS The event causes extraordinary traffic arrangements in the area. - Hissitie road at Levi center is closed from Thursday 11.4 at 7.00 to Saturday 13.4.2019 at 20.00, when the removal of the temporary arrangements will begin. Hissitie will be opened at the latest at 24.00.

19.03.19 Sauna is a place for relaxation and mindfulness

Sauna is an important thing for Finnish people. By going sauna Finns are looking for relaxation, inner peace, minfulness and quality time with your loved ones. Can you imagine anything better than go to sauna after day spend outdoors? Here some options for an unforgettable sauna-experience in Levi.

18.03.19 Vegetarian or vegan food available in most restaurants in Levi!

Almost all the restaurant in Levi are serving some vegetarian or vegan food. We listed some examples of the selection. Enjoy!

11.03.19 Take your furry best friend with you to enjoy the spectacular nature in Levi!

Instead of worrying about your dog during your holiday - why don't take the dog with you to Levi? Here some tips and hints for those who want to travel to Levi with dogs.

31.01.19 Happy Valentine's Day 2019

Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on 14th of February. In Levi there are many possibilities to spice up this special day.

10.12.18 The use of fireworks

Lapland Rescue Department public notice

27.11.18 Winter is here again

Game of Thrones themed SnowVillage will be recreated this winter.

22.11.18 Tourism operations in Lapland continue normally despite low snow coverage

Annual variations of the arrival of snow are normal.

07.05.18 travel shop under maintenance

Due to maintenance work some web services are down on Tuesday 8th of May.

16.04.18 Finns set new Nordic Skiing 24-hour World Records in both men and women

The Nordic Skiing 24-hour world record attempt finished at 10:00 am on Friday 13th of April in Levi, Finland.

10.04.18 Nordic Skiing 24-hour World Record Attempt in Levi 12 April 2018

A thrilling Nordic skiing spectacle is taking place in Levi, Finland, on 12 April 2018, with three men and one woman attempting to break the 24-hour world record.

08.03.18 Levi for Instagrammers: how to take the best photos?

Where to go, what to see and how to capture the best photos?

05.03.18 40,000 Cubic Metres of Snow Awaits Levi World Cup Opener

The Levi Ski Resort now has a 100% guarantee of snow for the World Cup Levi competition that opens the FIS alpine skiing season with the slalom race that is taking place at Levi, Finland, 9 - 11 November 2018.

08.01.18 Thrilling Finland vs Sweden Nordic Skiing World Record Attempt?

Finnish TV personality, avid sportsman and long-distance skier Teemu Virtanen is looking to break the Guinness World Record of 'Greatest distance in 24 hours of Nordic skiing' - i.e. 433.459 km (269.34 miles) - held by himself.

27.11.17 The registration of the new distance Ylläs-Levi 50 km opens on Friday, December 1

The new 50 km route is designed for leisure skiers who want to take their time enjoying the beauty and wonder of Lapland.