It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards! Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Northern Lights in the sky

It has been predicted that there's going to be Northern Lights in Levi soon. So take a look skywards!
Prediction provided by Sunsää.

Vegetarian or vegan food available in most restaurants in Levi!


Almost all the restaurant in Levi are serving some vegetarian or vegan food. We listed some examples of the selection. Enjoy!

The Restaurant Kekäle at the Levi Hotel Spa: Kekäle is a Finnish word that means a glowing red charcoal ember, as all Kekäle main meals are prepared on the charcoal grill. The open-plan charcoal grill kitchen is unique for Finland: blazing fire, sweet aromas and sounds, all visible for guests to watch. Kekäle is not just about charcoal and smoke, as the menu also boasts delicious fish and vegetable dishes. You can eat full three course meal as vegan, as well as the Chef's 5-course menu can be ordered as vegan.
Restaurant Ahku has vegetarian options on the buffet and for vegans the chef will prepare a meal on request.
More information and reservations tel. +35816 646 301.

Break Sokos Hotel Levi's Kiisa-restaurant does have some vegan options in the menu throughout the year.  Kiisa, located in the heart of Levi, is a restaurant offering modern Lapland dining experiences. Kiisa brings the delicacies of our versatile menu to you in a relaxed atmosphere.
At the Coffee House you can enjoy a rawcake or try out the smoothie, fruitie or vegan overnight oats!
More information and reservations tel. +358 16 321 5500.

At the restaurant King Crab House you enjoy the fresh flavours of North, Arctic seafood, local meat and vegetarian options with a Lappish twist. How about Fungi Croquets or Nettle-Falafel Burger? And for dessert homemade vegan sorbet of course.
Reservations: tel. +358 400 138 333.

Restaurant Aurora Sky, in the amazing views at Levin Utsuvaara, is a class-roofed restaurant offering dishes based to seasonal ingredients and pays homage to the clean northern nature and its varying seasons. At the Aurora Sky you can enjoy 4-, 6- or 10-course menu as vegan!
More information and reservations: tel +358 451625 606

Hullu Poro has some vegetarian and vegan dishes in all their restaurants.
For example grilled portobello from restaurant Sapuska, veggieburger from Wanha Poro and vegetarian sushi at  Restaurant Asia.
Additional information and reservations tel. +358 16 6510 600.

As you maybe wouldn't guess by the name of the restaurant, there is also vegetarian option at Stefan's Steakhouse.  Portobello with beans and onion and vegan chocolate cake for dessert.
More information and table reservations tel. +358 1005542.

Cozy and warmth Cafe Soma has saladbuffet every day, and all the dishes at the menu can be ordered as vegan too, for example burgers and toasts! At Soma you also getting special coffees with oat milk, for example turmeric - or sprucesproudlatte! From Soma you can also order a vegan raw cake.   The same company also have other cafeteria, Soma Kittilä, at Kittilä municipality centre.
More information and reservations tel. +358 50 436 6866.

At the Pannukakkutalo (Pancake-house) you can enjoy tasty sweet or salty pancakes. Pancakes can be made as vegan also.
More information and reservations tel. +358 40 5151 803.

Restaurant- cafeteria Káfet at Levi Centre has coffees, special coffees, bakery products and food and salads. Special coffees can be made to soy- or oatmilk and most of the bakery products are suitable for vegeterians and some also for vegans.
Additional information and bookings tel. +358 16 644 560.

From the piste restaurants you'll also find something suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Panoramic-Restaurant Tuikku has a buffet and saladbuffet and every day some options for vegetarians as well.
More information tel +358 16 644 240.

From Horizont you can order a vegan pizza, Cafe Tanja offers vegan falafelbasket and vegan blueberry- or applepie.
At Sivakka you can enjoy veggieburger (also vegan on request) and Gondola 2000 Alpine Cafe's lunch buffet also has an vegetarian side dish and on request you can get vegetable pattys (vegan)  and vegan ice-cream for dessest.
More information tel. +358 207 960 280.

Have a delicious holiday in Levi!

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